Wrath of the Titans

Panel Built Softball Team Loses a Heartbreaker
Abe Kiernan


The Panel Built softball team threw away their hopes of an undefeated season with Thursday’s loss to the Titans.

With a close game in the second inning and only down by 7, the PBI players were still in reach of their goal. Then suddenly, the Titans caught fire in a blaze of hits that left PBI at an insurmountable deficit.

In Panel Built’s efforts to answer the Titan hits, they ended up leaving the bases loaded twice.

A huge factor in the devestating loss for Panel Built was the absense of star players: Adam McPherson and Rob Flowers. Not even the team captain could muster the leadership, enthusiasm, or will power to lead the team to a victory (or even a close game). When all was said and done it was no “clash of the titans,” but more like the “wrath of the Titans” as Panel Built lost 22-2.

In all seriousness, Panel Built is proud of their team and wishes them luck in the rest of their season!

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