Office Under a Mezzanine

Similar to our modular office on a mezzanine, our modular office under a mezzanine provides you with a smart and efficient solution to your warehouse space needs.  Putting a mezzanine over your modular office allows you the added benefit of extra storage space above your office space. However, the mezzanine can be utilized for a number of different applications:

  • Use the extra space for equipment/machinery
  • Build another office level
  • Oversee production activities
  • Create additional work-space

Ultimately, we want to create a product that is tailored to your specific needs. Whenever we work with you on a project, we want to create a space solution that leaves you 100% satisfied. That is why we love our modular office under a mezzanine product so much. It offers a number of different advantages in comparison to just a modular office or a mezzanine alone.

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