The door(s) shall be 36″w X 84″h X 1 3/4″ thick and shall be constructed of 20 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel, mill treated for proper paint adherence. The door shall have top and bottom channel of 16 gauge steel projection welded to door skins on no less than 2″ centers. The top channel is to be flush while the bottom channel is to be inverted. The hinge preparations are to be 9 gauge steel reinforcements projection welded to the door skins in six places each. Hinge preparation is to be cut through the doors and provided with reversible filler plates to allow building site handling. Standard hinge preparation is to be 4-1/2″ regular weight .134″ hinge, conforming to ANSI A1567, three preparations. The door frame shall be 16 gauge single “rabbit” commercial quality steel. The frame shall be pre-mortised for application of matching hinges and striker set of the door. The door shall be supplied with all necessary hardware as to meet local and state code requirements.

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