The electrical package shall consist of a 2×4 flush mounted at receptacle and switch locations, with a void left in the panel. The switch and receptacle modules are then run down the void to the box. The modules consist of type MC cable with #12 AWG solid copper conductors. For switches and receptacles, the conductors tie into the apparatus in the usual fashion. At the top, where the module comes out of the panel, it has a “power-in” tap, which plugs into a distribution or extender cable. As a circuit is filled, a “home run” is then made to box above the drop ceiling over the breaker box Lighting is handled in a similar fashion, with the exception that leads coming from the fixtures simply plug into the modules. The package consists of ( ) wall switches; ( ) duplex receptacles; ( ) fluorescent fixtures (100 fc at desk height). NOTE: Tubes are not included, and final hookup from the box above the drop ceiling to the breaker box must be made by a licensed electrician. This package meets NEC (current edition).

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