The walls shall be 3” thick composite structural panels. The exterior facing shall be .021 stucco-embossed aluminum, pre-painted white or beige; bonded to a 1/8” tempered hardboard shock plate. The interior facing shall be .024 stucco-embossed aluminum, pre-painted either white or beige. The core shall be of 99#, _” cell, 11% phenolic-resin impregnated structural Kraft honeycomb. Panel division/finish strips shall consist of color coordinated vinyl “H” connectors that shall not protrude more than 1/16” beyond the finished wall panel.

The entire panel shall be laminated together using a solvent free two-part polyurethane adhesive and pressure. The panels shall have formed edge connectors that are capable of being friction locked without mechanical fasteners using a full length joint without through metal connectors. The joint shall allow lateral expansion and contraction. This shall result in a structural panel that shall not require support columns every 4′.

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