Sports Facilities

At Panel Built, we offer a number of different products that can be utilized in the sports world. We offer exterior buildings that can be used as workout room, small practice facility, or even a batting cage for a baseball team. We provide all the standard amenities that you would receive with a stick-built building: heating and cooling, soundproofing (from both the inside and out), and even fire resistance if need be. Our interior structures provide all the same benefits, as long as you have a large enough facility to place them within.
For our mezzanines, they have many practical and beneficial applications when it comes to sports facilities. They can provide you with the perfect driving range. With a golfers teeing off both below and above the mezzanine, you would be able to serve twice as many patrons. And of course, they are perfect for press boxes for football, baseball, soccer, or any “field sport.” We can place a panelized exterior building on top of your mezzanine to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the game, making it ideal for scouts, coaches, and broadcasters.

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