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What Is An Employee Wellness Room?

Employee Wellness Rooms are areas that are isolated from the rest of the office or workplace, allowing employees a private area to manage their personal needs.  A common example of this is new mothers having this private space for use as a lactation room.  However, Wellness Rooms can also serve a wide range of other needs.  The very concept is designed to create a comfortable space for your employees; this area is perfect for employees looking to tend to their mental health needs caused by stress or anxiety.  Providing this space for employees to relax and recharge helps promote an overall healthier workplace.

Panel Built Wellness Rooms Offer A Convenient Solution

For many workplaces, there is not a convenient, empty room for them to use as a wellness room.  However, with our convenient, panelized wall systems, Panel Built can help you design and install a new room into your facility as conveniently and quickly as possible.  With our binder-post wall system, we can create a wellness room that seamlessly fits into your existing environment.  We can create custom sizes and dimensions so the room can be fitted into practically any area inside your building.

What Should Your Wellness Room Look like?

One of the primary goals of a wellness room is to create a comfortable, calm space for your employees to take care of themselves.  Generally, suitable furniture can include chairs, benches, a table, cabinets filled with necessary supplies, and even a sink, may be needed.  Many companies also elect to personalize the interior with either calming landscapes and instructional posters.  Panel Built wellness rooms can include their own HVAC system,  allowing the occupant to set the temperature they are most comfortable with.  Also, the composite panels can be formed to include sound deadening boards to decrease noise transmission.

Wellness Room Features

  • Custom, Turn-Key Wellness Room Provider
  • Fast Lead Times & Easy On-Site Installation
  • Design Can Easily Meet ADA & Local Building Requirements
  • Can Be Delivered Pre-Furnished & Pre-Wired With Electric, Including Lights, Switches, & Outlets
  • Built-In Access Control Mechanisms For Security, Safety, & Comfort

Wellness Room Options

  • Delivered as a Pre-Assemble or Assemble-On-Site
  • Custom Wall Facings & Colors To Fit Existing Space or Stand Out
  • Amenities Include Sinks, Countertops, Storage Cabinets, Wall-Mounted Mirrors, Benches, & Space for Refrigeration Options
  • Wall-Mounted HVAC and/or Integrated Exhaust Fans
  • Increased Sound-Deadening, R-Value (Insulation), & Fire Ratings

Quality Service

Matchless strength and durability, is the “core” of our building quality. Our light-weight, highly portable structural panels meet all military specifications and exceed most national building codes and OSHA requirements.

Super Support

Our dedicated sales team provides confidential free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. Our team is available to answer any questions about a quotation, an order, freight options or project changes.


Panel Built modular offices and mezzanines are 100% relocatable and expandable. Because they are made onsite, our products are ready 40 percent faster than stick-built.

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