What are Sound Deadening Walls?

Panel Built's modular wall system can be designed to fit a variety of different needs.  For facilities with a noise problem, our soundboard panels make the perfect...

Dec 032021

Forming Industrial Platforms and Walkways with Modular Mezzanines

With our Modular Mezzanine system, Panel Built, Inc. is able to form fully custom access platforms and walkways that can be tailored to any type of environment. 

Nov 042021

Commercial Vestibule Additions: Why Go Prefabricated?

Prefabricated vestibules are the most convenient and simple vestibule solutions available for commercial properties.  With fast installation on-site, facilities can instantly see the benefits of prefabricated constructionn.

Oct 212021

4 Ways Warehouse Mezzanines Instantly Upgrade Your Facility

With fully custom designs, Panel Built mezzanine platforms can solve a variety of storage and access problems throughout your facility. This post covers our most common mezzanine applications. 

Oct 122021

Controlling Noise Hazards Within Your Facility

Noise pollution can be a large hazard for factory workers in various manufacturing and industrial jobs.  This post describes the best ways to mitigate excess noise in your facility & how Panel Built, Inc. can help! 

Oct 052021

Security Buildings: Small Structures with a Big Purpose

Modular Security Buildings Are A Fast & Efficient Way To Instantly Upgrade Your Facility's Physical Security.  Learn How Our Buildings Help You Enforce The Four D's of Physical Security

Sep 222021

Going Modular With Your Military Tower Project

Combining their pre-assembled buildings and structural steel platforms, Panel Built, Inc. seamlessly forms fully custom military tower systems for arms ranges, rappel & fast-rope training, sniper training, and more with the convenience and ease of modular construction!

Sep 142021

Implementing Good Manufacturing Practices: Pharmaceutical GMPs

Good Manufacturing Practices are a set of guidelines set forth by the FDA to regulate the manufacturing environment of pharmaceuticals. 

Sep 092021

5 Ways to Make Your Facility Safer With Panel Built

Panel Built offers more than just office & storage space solutions!  See all the different ways Panel Built can help make your facility a safer place to work. 

Sep 022021

Becoming a Modular Construction Dealer

The speed and convenience of modular construction make our semi-permanent structures a great space solution for industries of all types.  See how easily you can add Panel Built's modular structures to your repertoire. 

Aug 242021

4 Areas of Focus For A Productive Warehouse

All warehouses strive to be as efficient as possible because increased productivity equals increased profits.  Warehouses can concentrate on a few focus areas to get the most out of their facility and employees.  This post will cover four primary areas of focus for both existing facilities and those planning out new warehouse space. 

Aug 202021

Retrofitting Your Office Space With Modular

With employees returning to their commercial offices after working from home, many companies are looking to retrofit their pre-pandemic, open-office layouts... 

Aug 122021

Using Canopies To Upgrade Your School Campus

As teachers and educators try to create more normal and stress-free spaces for students returning to schools, prefabricated canopy systems create a comfortable, covered space for outdoor classes, break areas, lunch tables, and more! 

Aug 052021

Maximizing Your Office Space With Panel Built

As the world gets back to normal, companies' space needs are rapidly changing.  See how Panel Built allows you to overhaul your commercial, industrial, or institutional office space! 

Jul 282021

Keeping Employees Cool with Prefabricated Cool-Down Booths

With the hottest months rapidly approaching, the heat will be turning up in the coming weeks.  While this is a pain for everyone (and our HVAC costs), it is hazardous for employees who work outside and in high temperatures.  

Jul 162021

What is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a controlled internal environment where airborne pollutants are filtered out to reduce the number of particles in the air.  Other environmental variables like temperature, ventilation, humidity, and airflow....

Jun 012021

Making Your Warehouse Safer With Barrier Rail

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 7,500 employees are injured from forklifts, including over 75 fatal injuries.  Additionally, OSHA found forklift violations as their most common citation for warehouses.  With an estimated 641,000 "Industrial Truck and ...

May 142021

Why Is Modular A Growing Trend In Construction?

Unfortunately, the past year has put pressure on all industries, including the construction sector, with contractors trying to keep up with project timelines while protecting their workers at the job site.  Looking to increase their overall efficiency and keep up with looming deadline..

May 062021

New Access Control & Security Solutions From Panel Built!

As a modular construction provider for the past 25 years, Panel Built has constantly been innovating and pushing the envelope with our building systems.  Always looking to provide new solutions for our customers, Panel Built has developed two new security products aimed to benefit gov..

Apr 302021

What Does It Mean For A Product To Be “Made In America”?

Every day you will see products label themselves as "Made In America," whether you are looking through a convenience store or just watching television.  However, some may not know that "Made In America" and "Made In The USA" are regulated marks in the United States, meaning products a..

Apr 262021