Maximizing Your Office Space With Panel Built

As the world gets back to normal, companies' space needs are rapidly changing.  See how Panel Built allows you to overhaul your commercial, industrial, or institutional office space! 

Jul 282021

Keeping Employees Cool with Prefabricated Cool-Down Booths

With the hottest months rapidly approaching, the heat will be turning up in the coming weeks.  While this is a pain for everyone (and our HVAC costs), it is hazardous for employees who work outside and in high temperatures.  

Jul 162021

What is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a controlled internal environment where airborne pollutants are filtered out to reduce the number of particles in the air.  Other environmental variables like temperature, ventilation, humidity, and airflow....

Jun 012021

Making Your Warehouse Safer With Barrier Rail

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 7,500 employees are injured from forklifts, including over 75 fatal injuries.  Additionally, OSHA found forklift violations as their most common citation for warehouses.  With an estimated 641,000 "Industrial Truck and ...

May 142021

Why Is Modular A Growing Trend In Construction?

Unfortunately, the past year has put pressure on all industries, including the construction sector, with contractors trying to keep up with project timelines while protecting their workers at the job site.  Looking to increase their overall efficiency and keep up with looming deadline..

May 062021

New Access Control & Security Solutions From Panel Built!

As a modular construction provider for the past 25 years, Panel Built has constantly been innovating and pushing the envelope with our building systems.  Always looking to provide new solutions for our customers, Panel Built has developed two new security products aimed to benefit gov..

Apr 302021

What Does It Mean For A Product To Be “Made In America”?

Every day you will see products label themselves as "Made In America," whether you are looking through a convenience store or just watching television.  However, some may not know that "Made In America" and "Made In The USA" are regulated marks in the United States, meaning products a..

Apr 262021

Creating Flexibility For Growing Manufacturers & Warehouses

Operating a successful manufacturing or warehousing business can create growing pains. When production, staffing, and storage needs are greater than a facility's size, they must decide to find a new facility or learn how to improve their existing space best while still keeping their long-t..

Apr 162021

What To Look For In A Guard Booth Manufacturer

Finding the right guard booth for your facility is important because guard booths will act as the basis of your facility's physical security. Since these buildings are delivered directly from the manufacturer, you need to be certain that you have chosen the right guard booth manufacturer f...

Apr 012021

Panel Built Introduces New Line of Converted Shipping Containers

The world of modular building is characterized by the swift construction of quality buildings. Now, Panel Built, Inc. is looking to push these modular benefits even further with their new line of converted shipping containers. Shipping containers offer an incredible starting point for ...

Mar 152021

Modular Office Designs: See What Modular Can Do For You!

Modular offices may be a vague concept for some people who are not as familiar with Panel Built and our line of work.  Panel Built's office space solutions are all centered around our panelized wall systems.  This wall system allows us to design and install unique, semi-perma..

Mar 092021

Why Go Modular With Your Ballistic Building Project?

New buildings in high-risk areas require a little more protection and safety than your standard construction project.  Ballistic-rated buildings help to mitigate these risks by creating a protective barrier between the objects inside and the threat.  Whenever someone considers a ...

Mar 022021

Installing Factory Walls: Benefits of Going Modular

Installing additional factory walls into your facility can be an incredibly long and arduous task for companies looking to specialize and/or subdivide their space. For facilities that are currently in operation, stick-built walls can create a great deal of chaos in your facility, requiring loud...

Feb 192021

Designing The Right Security Booth for Your Facility

Physical Security is a very important aspect for all facilities, whether you are protecting a company, school campus, or government facility.  However, the needs for each facility can vary greatly.  For example, the same security measures installed into the Pentagon would likely be overkill for...

Feb 122021

Benefits of Installing A Mezzanine In Your Warehouse

Panel Built, Inc. offers a variety of custom steel mezzanines and work platforms to solve a wide range of space solutions in your warehouse.  Each of our mezzanine projects is unique and specially tailored to the customer's particular space needs.  However, no matter the application,...

Feb 052021

Metal Canopy Installation Options for your Facility

Most facilities require people to be outside at least part of the time, whether they are moving from their car to the building, moving from building to building, or when loading/unloading products and materials.  And while going outside may be nice most days, on others,...

Jan 152021

Equipment Maintenance Platforms: Uses & Applications

Equipment maintenance is an important process for many industries.  Maintenance helps prevent malfunctions in the equipment which can cause sometimes catastrophic failures, causing the loss of millions of dollars worth of equipment or worse.  However, not every piece of equipment or machinery is easy to...

Jan 082021

How Adding A Vestibule Helps Your Facility

Panel Built's prefabricated buildings are generally used as self-contained, free-standing structures, used for guard stations, attendant booths, equipment enclosures, and a wide range of other applications.  However, some may be surprised to know that we fabricate a variety of structures designed to be added to...

Dec 182020

Panel Built Modular Offices Promote Flexibility For The Ever-Changing Workplace

If 2020 has proved anything, it is that flexibility is a key characteristic of a good business. COVID-19 has caused drastic changes in how people work, where people work, and even the type of work they can do. And although this year has been unique,...

Dec 092020

Wall Panel Configurations & Applications

All of Panel Built's buildings, outside of our welded steel-framed line, use our unique wall panel system to create the building's envelope.  Harsh manufacturing settings, education buildings, military installations, corporate headquarters, mega warehouses: our wall panel systems have been install into all of these facility...

Dec 042020