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  • 19 Feb 2021

    Installing Factory Walls: Benefits of Going Modular

    Installing Factory Walls
    Installing additional factory walls into your facility can be an incredibly long and arduous task for companies looking to specialize and/or subdivide their space. For facilities that are currently in operation, stick-built walls can create a great deal of chaos in your facility, requiring...
  • 12 Feb 2021

    Designing The Right Security Booth for Your Facility

    Designing A Security Booth
    Physical Security is a very important aspect for all facilities, whether you are protecting a company, school campus, or government facility.  However, the needs for each facility can vary greatly.  For example, the same security measures installed into the Pentagon would likely ...
  • 5 Feb 2021

    Benefits of Installing A Mezzanine In Your Warehouse

    Benefits of Installing A Mezzanine In Your Warehouse
    Panel Built, Inc. offers a variety of custom steel mezzanines and work platforms to solve a wide range of space solutions in your warehouse.  Each of our mezzanine projects is unique and specially tailored to the customer's particular space needs.  However, no matter the applicat...
  • 15 Jan 2021

    Metal Canopy Installation Options for your Facility

    Metal Canopy Installations
    Most facilities require people to be outside at least part of the time, whether they are moving from their car to the building, moving from building to building, or when loading/unloading products and materials.  And while going outside may be nice most days, on others, it can be inco...
  • 8 Jan 2021

    Equipment Maintenance Platforms: Uses & Applications

    Equipment Maintenance Platforms
    Equipment maintenance is an important process for many industries.  Maintenance helps prevent malfunctions in the equipment which can cause sometimes catastrophic failures, causing the loss of millions of dollars worth of equipment or worse.  However, not every piece of equipment...
  • 18 Dec 2020

    How Adding A Vestibule Helps Your Facility

    Adding A VESTIBULE
    Panel Built's prefabricated buildings are generally used as self-contained, free-standing structures, used for guard stations, attendant booths, equipment enclosures, and a wide range of other applications.  However, some may be surprised to know that we fabricate a variety of structu...
  • 9 Dec 2020

    Panel Built Modular Offices Promote Flexibility For The Ever-Changing Workplace

    modular offices flexibility
    If 2020 has proved anything, it is that flexibility is a key characteristic of a good business. COVID-19 has caused drastic changes in how people work, where people work, and even the type of work they can do. And although this year has been unique, it has emphasized the importance of bein...
  • 4 Dec 2020

    Wall Panel Configurations & Applications

    wall panel configurations (1)
    All of Panel Built's buildings, outside of our welded steel-framed line, use our unique wall panel system to create the building's envelope.  Harsh manufacturing settings, education buildings, military installations, corporate headquarters, mega warehouses: our wall panel systems have...
  • 13 Nov 2020

    Panel Built Heavy-Duty, Steel Building Types

    Panel Built, Inc. is known as a modular construction provider that utilizes a panelized building design to form modular offices, equipment enclosures, cleanrooms, guard shacks, and more.  However, over the past few years, Panel Built has become an increasing presence in the welded-ste...
  • 6 Nov 2020

    The Best Way To Ensure A Quality Building Project

    Quality Building Project
    Undertaking a new construction project can be entirely daunting, especially if you are not an expert.  In many cases, we strive to get the project done as quickly and cheaply as possible, but this can often lead to cut corners and poor craftsmanship.  Plus, if you live in a remot...
  • 23 Oct 2020

    Panel Built Military Access Control Advantages

    Military Access Control
    As a modular construction provider, Panel Built, Inc. has a bevy of experience supplying buildings and structures to military customers of all types. However, when designing a building for military installation access control, top-of-the-line, proven materials, and expert engineering is re...
  • 15 Oct 2020

    Modular Wiring: Your Electrical Made Easy

    Modular Wiring
    Electrical work can be the most important part of any new building project because electricity serves as one of the most essential parts of any building, whether it is in a home, office, school, or manufacturing facility.  Because of this, proven, quality work must be done to ensure a...



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