• 9 Nov 2017

    OSHA Rules on Electronic Record Keeping: UPDATE

    OSHA Injury Reporting
    Deadline If no new future extensions occur, one of OSHA major rules for electronic record keeping will be changing on December 1st of 2017.  This rule applies to organizations or establishments that have 250 or more employees that are required to submit & keep OSHA injury &...
  • 30 Oct 2017

    Modular Construction in 3D

    Figuring out the best way to use the space in your facility can be incredibly difficult at times.  For many people, being able to visualize the structure is the most important part of the process because they are able to find the different pros and cons of a structure design.&nbs...
  • 20 Oct 2017

    12 Ways Modular Construction Saves You Time and Money

      1. Portability Modular offices and guard booths can be fabricated and put together on a steel base or installed panel by panel on-site on a concrete slab.  If the customer uses a steel base for the structure, the building can be forklifted wherever it is needed to be ...
  • 9 Oct 2017

    Hurricane Rated Construction

    Hurricane Rated Construction
    For areas affected by hurricanes and/or tropical storms on a yearly basis, having structures that can withstand their immense wind speed is vital in order for the building to last over time. However, this can be a difficult problem to solve overall. In areas prone to high wind speeds and h...
  • 25 Sep 2017

    Steel Canopy Applications

    Steel Canopy Applications
    Steel canopies provide practical and durable protection from the sun and weather.  Although they are often found near the entrance or exit of a facility, they can provide a number of applications ranging from school systems to warehouses to logistics.  For our canopy projects, we...
  • 8 Sep 2017

    Construction Tech Trends to Look for in 2018

    2018 Construction Trends
    In the construction industry, many firms, general contractors, and individual construction workers have done their job a certain way for decades.  They learned a certain technique, process, or order of operations that they trust and have worked for them time and time again in the past...
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