• 17 Apr 2018

    What is a Mezzanine Floor?

    A mezzanine floor system serves as an intermediate floor in a building that does not completely cover the entire flooring below. Mezzanines should provide plenty of clear height for foot traffic above and below the deck. In an industrial setting, the mezzanine system is often used for stor...
  • 4 Apr 2018

    Modular Wall Systems: Steel Vs. Gypsum

    When looking at modular wall systems, there are a variety of materials that can make up the panel, depending on the customer’s needs.  Ranging in colors, sound rating, and insulation level, Panel Built will be able to craft a panel that fits in practically any environment.  How...
  • 10 Apr 2018

    What is the Difference Between a Mezzanine and a Work Platform?

    Steel Mezzanine
    A lot of the time, the terms mezzanines and work platforms are used interchangeably. However, this can lead to big problems for potential projects due to International Building Code’s different requirements for each structure.Mezzanines SystemsTypically, a mezzanine is defi...
  • 21 Mar 2018

    Bulletproof Walls: Classifications & Applications

    Due to recent current events and a heightened state of awareness of potential security threats, more and more people are looking to make their facility as secure and bulletproof as possible.  Schools, government buildings, hospitals, and financial institutions are some of the man...
  • 13 Mar 2018

    Perimeter Security Overview: The Basics

    Physical Perimeter Security
      Over the past couple of decades, physical security has risen in technology and in its overall presence in a variety of industries. Valuable assets are always at risk of being a target, including information, goods, services, and people. A fully functional perimeter security system ...
  • 6 Mar 2018

    Best Warehouse Safety Tips for a New Facility

    Since 2010, the number of employees in the warehousing sector has increased by nearly 400,000, reaching over 1,000,000 total to start 2018[1]. This is a trend that is only looking to continue on in 2018. With the increasing size of the industry, the demand for new warehouse space has never...
  • 1 Mar 2018

    How are Prefabricated Buildings Shipped?

    Modular and prefabricated buildings have the distinct advantage of having the practically the entire structure manufactured off-site and ready to install at the job site.  However, there is a very important step in-between these two processes, transportation.  In many cases, Pane...
  • 14 Feb 2018

    Prefabricated Shelters: Quick Guide

    In an urban environment, shelters can be seen off of the sidewalk just about everywhere you look. They play a very important role in a city because of the increase of traveling from place to place on foot and the use of public transportation. The shelters offer a safe (and dry) area for th...
  • 7 Feb 2018

    5 Reasons for Your Company to Go Green!

    The Green Initiative across the globe has been created in an effort to reduce greenhouse emissions and provide a safer, more environmentally friendly future for our the generations to come. Smog, energy over-consumption, water waste, discarded materials, and other pollutants are some of th...
  • 31 Jan 2018

    Best Modular Construction Projects of 2017

    Best Modular Construction Projects
    Modular construction presents a number of unique benefits over traditional, stick-built construction, and 2017 showed a number of examples of this fact. From time savings to structure durability, project leaders are finding modular construction as a solution more and more. In 2017, the Uni...
  • 23 Jan 2018

    Prefabricated Stairs: Cost vs Benefits Comparison

    When looking for stair solutions for a commercial or industrial environment, there are typically two options to look at: prefabricated or stick-built. In both cases, the stair system built should be able to satisfy proper building code and can be built/installed using stamped drawings fr...
  • 16 Jan 2018

    The Safety of Modular Construction

    Out of all major sectors in the United States, the construction industry has consistently been ranked at the top for fatal injuries. In 2016 alone, OSHA recorded 4,683 workplace fatalities with 991 of them coming from construction or roughly 21% of the total. Of these 991 fatalities, 63.7%...
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