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  • 13 Dec 2018

    Protecting Workers with Mezzanine Safety Gates

    Mezzanine Safety Gates
     When installing a new mezzanine in your new facility, it is important to ensure safety is one of your top priorities.  As you can read in some of our previous posts, falls are one of the most common causes of injuries in the workplace (part of the "Fatal Four" workplace inj...
  • 5 Dec 2018

    Temperature Control with Modular Buildings

    Temperature Control Modular
    There's one question you have to ask before providing a new space in your facility. Will the conditions inside be suitable for the work being done?Most work environments need some degree of temperature control, and Panel Built's modular system has adapted to suit these needs.  &nb...
  • 28 Nov 2018

    Industrial Control Rooms: Minimizing Workplace Hazards

    Industrial Control Rooms-min
    If there's one thing that is consistent throughout most industrial environments, it's the presence of noise.  Depending on the industry, it can range from a low hum to literally having a jet engine ignite (140 dB!).  If workers are operating in this environment for a prolonged pe...
  • 14 Nov 2018

    Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosures: Noise Reduction

    Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosures
    Generator enclosures serve a vital purpose in ensuring the continuous operation of major facilities. In most applications, the enclosures mainly safeguard the generator itself from any damage from the outside. Things such as rain, debris, falling objects, and other external forces all can ...
  • 5 Nov 2018

    Modular Office Walls: Expanding & Relocating

    Modular Office Walls
      Modular office systems have been used to provide additional office space in manufacturing and warehouse environments for decades now.  However, the semi-permanent nature of our modular office walls can offer benefits to a variety of different work environments.  School sy...
  • 23 Oct 2018

    Increasing School Safety Measures with a Guard Booth

    It’s no secret that the United States has been focusing on keeping our schools as safe as possible.   Over the course of the past 20 years, the National Center for Education Statistics has indicated 8 individual safety measures that schools take to help manage their security:...
  • 19 Oct 2018

    Best Modular Construction Projects of 2018

    With another year comes another assortment of fantastic modular construction projects.  And in a world of online shopping and next day deliveries, it is easy to see why modular construction is becoming the preferred project delivery method by many in the construction world.  Thes...
  • 3 Oct 2018

    School System Construction

    School System Construction
    As schools systems expand and new school buildings are being built, the demand for new school construction has been growing and growing.  Whether expanding a current facility or building a new facility altogether, modular construction can provide a few distinct advantages for develo...
  • 28 Sep 2018

    Installing a Modular Office | Modular Office Installation

    Installing A Modular Office
     Installing a modular office in your facility is a great way to quickly provide quality office space in your facility.  By producing the wall panels in our own plant, you can have your own modular office at a moment's notice.  The only thing left to do is putting it toge...
  • 11 Sep 2018

    Modular Buildings for Sports Complexes

    Modular Buildings for Sports Complexes
    Sports complexes today are becoming more and more intricate, involving a variety of different structures and buildings.  Depending on the organization the complex is for, the facility can house practice fields, indoor training facilities, concession stands, practices fields, or even f...
  • 27 Aug 2018

    Prefabricated Military Buildings

    Many different companies and corporations use modular construction to fix their space needs swiftly, and the US military is no different.  Being a GSA contract holder, Panel Built, Inc. has a solid history working on these government projects.  With military modular construc...
  • 15 Aug 2018

    Prefab Storage Units: Fast Protection for Your Equipment

    Regardless of the type of business you are in, you’re likely going to build up a lot of stuff over the years.  From office centers to manufacturing facilities to school systems, eventually, the stuff that you have outgrows the space that you can fit it in… In some cases, some of...
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