• How will IBC or OSHA code affect my project?

    All Panel Built, Inc. structures are built to OSHA code and can also be engineered to meet IBC code.  These regulations will dictate certain aspects of your project, like the rise and run of stairs, the placement of an intermediate landing of in a staircase, etc. However, our engineering department will ensure you get a structure that both meets code and fulfills your specific needs.

  • Are you a GSA contract holder?

    Yes, Panel Built, Inc. is a GSA contract holder (GS-07-0168X). We’ve worked together with the government on countless modular construction projects. We’ve designed, manufactured, and installed guard houses, mezzanines, modular offices, guard booths, multistory offices, and guard shacks to a number of government customers.

  • Do you make Stairs and Hand Railing?

    Yes, we can provide custom stair and ladder systems, separate from our mezzanine systems.

  • Do you provide installation services?

    Yes, we can provide installation services on all of our projects.

  • Is Panel Built, Inc. a turnkey modular building manufacturer?

    Yes. Panel Built, Inc. is a turnkey modular building manufacturer.  We can take care of every step in your project, from design to installation.

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