We Can Deliver a Modular Office in Two Business Days

We understand tight time constraints when it comes to work. Sometimes you have to meet a deadline, and you can't wait to have an office building to be built right fast enough. Here at Panel Built we know time is of the essence. It's why...

Jan 292016

How to Take Advantage of Portable Guard Booths

Here at Panel Built we utilize pre-assembled building systems to give you fast and easy construction. We understand space, time, and and cost are valuable. Our pre-built systems are well suited for military, industrial, and even military space. When you need an immediate building solution...

Jan 252016

How a Mezzanine Can Increase Profits in a Metal Building

Mezzanine platforms can be easily installed and custom built for your metal building. At literally the fraction of the cost of expanding your entire building or building a complete other floor, we at Panel Built, Inc. are huge advocates for using a Mezzanine to create...

Jan 122016