Prefabricated Towers: The Best View From Above

Although, our tower systems are used for a number of different reasons, they typically serve you with one main advantage, providing an unobstructed, long-distance view of a landscape. Just like all of our projects, these towers are prefabricated at our facilities and shipped out to...

Mar 242017

What are the Advantages of GSA?

As most people in our industry know, GSA (or General Services Administration) was established to help manage the functioning of federal agencies. A major part of the GSA is the Federal Acquisition Service, which is “solely dedicated to procuring goods and services for government.”  The...

Mar 162017

How to Become a Panel Built Dealer

Becoming a Modular Construction Dealer Being the manufacturer of such a complex and unique line of products means that Panel Built, Inc. must have a lot of interaction and great communication with our customers.  Although we have a fantastic and dedicated sales team, having people...

Mar 082017