Green Building with Modular Construction

Modular Building, by nature, is material and resource efficient. -MBI's "Modular Building and the USGBC's LEED" "Going Green" and protecting the environment is a movement that has become more and more important to companies, organizations, and countries across the globe.  And these groups look to...

May 162019

Modular Office Wall Panel Facing Options

One of the biggest benefits Panel Built provides our customers is the flexibility of a custom composite panel system. For those unfamiliar, composite walls refers to a wall system that uses a variety of different material sources. This way, depending on the application, Panel Built...

May 102019

Mezzanine Offices for Double the Floor Space!

At Panel Built, one of the biggest issues we help our customers solve is that of limited usable space. It is an issue that all growing companies will run into eventually, and frankly, it's a good thing. But it is a problem that must be...

May 032019