Why Choose Modular for Your Facility's New Enclosure?

20' x 30' Modular Enclosure with One-Hour Fire Rated Walls and Roof There are many reasons why a company may need to create an enclosure inside of their facility. The company may be expanding their production capabilities and installing a new piece of equipment which...

Jun 252020

Does COVID Mark the End of 'Open Plan' Office Spaces

Open Office at Johnson Wax Headquarters Designed By Architect Frank Lloyd Wright The open office design grew in popularity over the course of the 20th century, moving away from the endless rows of cubicles and desks that characterizes a stereotypical office space. In this time,...

Jun 222020

Custom Canopies Can Form Covered Walkways, Turnstile Shelters, and More!

  Panel Built's line of prefabricated steel structures offers a wide range of applications for our product lines. While Panel Built's line of steel mezzanines may be the most well know of our steel products, we also provide a variety of exterior steel structures that...

Jun 092020