Becoming a Modular Construction Dealer

The speed and convenience of modular construction make our semi-permanent structures a great space solution for industries of all types.  See how easily you can add Panel Built's modular structures to your repertoire. 

Aug 242021

4 Areas of Focus For A Productive Warehouse

All warehouses strive to be as efficient as possible because increased productivity equals increased profits.  Warehouses can concentrate on a few focus areas to get the most out of their facility and employees.  This post will cover four primary areas of focus for both existing facilities and those planning out new warehouse space. 

Aug 202021

Retrofitting Your Office Space With Modular

With employees returning to their commercial offices after working from home, many companies are looking to retrofit their pre-pandemic, open-office layouts... 

Aug 122021

Using Canopies To Upgrade Your School Campus

As teachers and educators try to create more safe and stress-free spaces for students, prefabricated canopy systems create a comfortable, covered space for outdoor classes, break areas, lunch tables, and more! 

Aug 052021