5 Modular Construction Innovations to Keep an Eye On


5 Modular Construction Innovations to Keep an Eye On

As the construction industry navigates the challenges of sustainability, efficiency, and collaboration, five exciting developments are shaping its future. From green construction practices to cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and 3-D Printing, these advancements are poised to change how we approach construction projects. Let's delve into modular construction innovations that are building the future of the industry.


Green Modular Construction

Environmental concerns continue to be a priority for those involved in construction. A key challenge for project stakeholders has been reducing construction waste.

Modular construction has helped address that problem. Prefabricating these structures at a manufacturing facility, like Panel Built's, allows for the close monitoring of materials and protection from the weather and burglary. Modular construction is also easily modified even after installation, allowing for a re-use of materials. As a result, 76% of modular construction users have seen a decrease in the total waste at their construction sites, with 41% saving 5% or more on waste.

BIM Technology

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of creating construction models using 3-D model-based technology, which lets everyone who has a role in the project's construction share data and work collaboratively.

The idea of BIM is to maintain a database of all the information relevant to a construction project and present it visually. This process allows people to see an alteration's direct consequences on the project and allows an entire team to provide feedback on project developments.

One of the latest BIM trends is combining this process with modular construction, which helps significantly improve the design and fabrication workflow efficiency.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality takes the idea of 3-D modeling one step further. This developing technology will allow stakeholders to see the project - or pieces of the project - to scale in the real world. This simulation lets stakeholders get a feel for the structure's layout before a real foundation is in place.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is when you use computers to help with, make possible, or automate parts of the manufacturing processes.

This developing innovation can take computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and data into instructions for computerized manufacturing equipment. For example, if you need to cut wall panels in a unique shape, the CAM system can take the information straight from a CAD model and create the panel to the perfect specifications of the modular design.

3-D Printing

Compared to the other items on this list, 3-D printing in construction is still developing; however, it promises to be a revolutionary modular construction innovation.

3-D printing is the process of dispensing materials, such as plastic, into a precise layout based on computer specifications. It's most widely known for its artistic applications, but it has recently become able to print out materials like concrete. 3-D printing has already been used to create structures like mansions and even a 3-D printing office.
While it has a little way from being a massively employed innovation, it has significant promise for the construction industry. Consider combining BIM and CAM with 3-D printing. Your team could collaborate on a 3-D Model and the printing process, and then computerized machinery could quickly fabricate the model for the real world. Such a process could improve the speed of construction, reduce waste, and improve workplace safety by reducing the potential for human error.

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