• 11 Nov 2016

    9 Useful Applications for Prefabricated Security Booths

    Because every prefabricated building we make is custom built for each of our customers, they can be designed in a nearly limitless number of ways. We allow our customers to specify the exact appearance and function of their building in order to fulfill their unique needs. These prefab buildings can also be constructed out of a number of different materials; whether utilizing our panelized wall system, welded steel booths, or ballistic rated buildings, we will find the right material to fit your role. However, with so many different options available, it can be tough to see all the different applications of our products.

    1. Guard HouseCustom Guard Booth

    Starting off simple, Panel Built’s prefabricated booths provide you with the perfect way to maintain access control of your facility as a guard house. In this instance, the security booth will be providing to vital services to your facility. First, it serves as a shelter to your security guards as they monitor all traffic in and out of your facility. This is important for two reasons: the building offers shelter from the elements for the guards, and just as important, it provides a sense of authority for the security officers, allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently. Finally, the guard house itself works as an effective deterrent to crime in and of itself. Would-be criminals or trespassers will absolutely think twice after they take notice of your beefed up security efforts.

    2. Ticket Booth

    Next, our prefabricated booths can be designed to function perfectly as a ticket booth for a theme park, sports facility, or even a county fair! As we previously noted, our custom made booths are always designed in order to take our customers’ needs into full consideration. In this instance, a ticket booth and a guard house would have some distinct differences in design, despite their similar nature. Typically, our ticket booth would contain a sliding glass window in order to provide simple and easy transactions. Also, due to our booths’ mobility, they can be forklifted and moved to any area of the park where it is needed. This allows you to always make the most effective use of the building, as opposed to one permanently fixed in one spot.

    gatehouse3. Toll Booth

    A prefabricated toll booth would actually be similar to a hybrid of the previous two applications. Our toll booths provide you a simple, quick and efficient way to collect entry fees on a bridge, roadway, or parking deck. These toll booths can work individually to collect at a single access point or multiple can be used like on a major interstate, to manage a large amount of traffic at a single time. Typically equipped with a gate, these affordable, prefabricated toll booths will easily make their money back in no time. Plus, similar to the ticket booths, they are mobile and can be moved to another toll area, extending their lifetime.

    4. Information Kiosk

    In this instance, your booth is going to be one of your main points of contact with your customers. Placed right after your entrance, an information kiosk offers a friendly hello to your customers and offers them information pamphlets on your facility or park. This station will provide first time visitors with all they need to know in order to easily navigate the park and have the best time possible. For an information kiosk, you will more than likely want a 360 view from the booth with sliding glass windows and a counter all the way around. This way, you will be able to service as many guests as possible, keeping traffic flowing smoothly into the facility.

    5. Mobile Booth

    Although the majority of our security booths are forkliftable, and therefore mobile, our trailer mounted booths allow you to transport your building at a moment’s notice.  For this specific application, the booth will be in an area where the protected area has a lot of traffic or the area of focus changes frequently.  These trailer mounted guard booths come with all of the same features as our standard booths mounted on a steel base.

    Watch Tower6. Observation Tower

    Slightly more unique, our observation towers take all of the aspects of our security booths and places it atop one of our steel tower systems to provide an enhanced view. These enclosed observation towers are used to offer a high, safe place to observe the surrounding area. For these buildings, we typically offer a 360o view of the area with windows all the way around the building. When these towers are used for security purposes, they act similar to a guard house, deterring potential criminals and providing comfort to your customers.

    7. High Threat, Bullet Resistant Building

    Our bullet resistant buildings are similar to our guard houses with the huge difference, of course, being that they provide extra protection in areas that are at higher risk of a threat. These buildings can be constructed to all UL and NIJ bullet resistance rating. Ultimately, these buildings are typically placed in areas like airports, correctional facilities, or military bases. However, they also can be utilized in facilities that contain or handle highly valuable goods. In most cases, our ballistic buildings come complete with bullet resistant, no spall glass to keep achieve the highest level of safety possible.

    8. Valet Boothsexteriors-shed-roofed-55

    For businesses or restaurants that are looking to add a little bit of class to their operation, Panel Built can manufacture a valet booth to immediately give a good impression to your customers. With our unique designs, we can craft you a custom valet booth that seamlessly blends into the preexisting architecture. Each booth will provide your valet attendant with a comfortable and controlled area to store keys, valuables, and wait for the next customer.

    9. Equipment Enclosure

    Finally, this application, equipment enclosure, houses sensitive equipment to either shield them from the rain or protect it from overheating. Plus, with expensive equipment, the equipment enclosure will provide valuable protection from potential theft or vandalism. We utilize a number of HVAC options to ensure the correct operating temperature for your equipment, and we provide a variety of unique roll-up doors to ensure you can gain access to the equipment as conveniently as possible. We also provide extra soundproofing for our enclosures to reduce noise for employees working on-site.

    Ultimately, our prefabricated exterior buildings provide a great deal of flexibility in design and in application.  Due to our panelized wall system and our willingness to provide each building custom-made, we are able to design, engineer, and manufacture a product that perfectly fits our customers’ specific needs. Plus, we provide our buildings turn-key, making the entire project as easy as possible for you. From design to installation, we can complete your project with little to no downtime.   If you want to learn more about modular construction, or start a modular construction project of your own, contact our sales team, or request a quote on our site.

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