Why Do You Need a Relocatable Office?


Prefabricated OfficeIt’s simple, just like life, business is dynamic.  Even the people that claim to have everything figured out can be blindsided by change, and rather than taking a leap of faith, it is often best to be prepared for it when it happens.  In this situation, modular construction, specifically  offices, can be a great asset and convenience to your company.  

This type of flexibility is vital because it allows your modular office to satisfy your company’s needs anywhere, at any specific point in time.  In this post, we are going to go over a few instances where owning a mobile office could be crucial to your company’s bottom line.

1. Expanding Your Business

Like all businesses, growth is your main goal.  However, first you are going to need the room to grow, and the only problem with that is space can be expensive.  

So how can you provide room for your company to grow, while not going “all in” on a brand-new facility?

Modular offices can provide you with two luxuries in this sense.  They allow you to specialize your preexisting space and convert it into office space with absolutely minimal downtime for your facility.  This benefit provides you with office space to supervisors, engineers, or designers right next to your warehouse or manufacturing floor.  Your office employees will have a clear line of communication with the employees on the facility floor, and they will have a clear line of sight of the manufacturing or warehouse processes.

2.Easy Fixes

In many manufacturing environments, there is a lot going on at any given point in time, and a lot of commotion to go along with it.  With a modular office on the facility floor, there is always a possibility of accidents causing damage to it, whether it be a forklift or falling materials.  However, with our panelized wall system, these accidents can be cleaned up quickly and affordably.

Whether the damage occurs to the panel itself or the panel plus a door or window, we can offer replacement panels to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the structure. Plus, they can be shipped and installed just as easily as the building was put in. 

In fact, this scenario happens all the time.  And since we provide a panelized system, usually only one panel needs to be fixed, instead of an entire wall.

3. Change in Manufacturing Processes

With the use of lean principles throughout practically all sectors of manufacturing, companies will almost constantly see changes in their work processes, either big or small.  However, you will be limited in changing your processes based on the parameters that your facility physically sets.  If you have a lot of permanent structures, you will only have a few set paths to use in your workflow.

However, with the ability to relocate a modular office building, if allows you much more flexibility than a stick-built structure. Where ever your lean manufacturing journey takes your business, you can take your modular office along with you.  

Portable Office

4. More Green for You

There are many advantages modular offices provide to you over stick-built.  But one major factor many people do not initially think of is how this building can save you money in the long run.  There are a few aspects to consider at this point.

First, the building is taxed as a piece of equipment rather than an actual building.  What does this mean? Well, the depreciation of the building that you can write off on your taxes occurs at a much quicker rate, fully depreciating in 7 years as opposed to the 39.5 years of traditional construction. 

Second, if you decide you no longer need this modular building, it is just like a piece of equipment.  You can uninstall the building and sell it away.  This is a great way to earn a little extra cash for your business with very little turnaround time.

Finally, you can reuse the office yourself!  If you decide to totally redesign your modular office, you can reuse the panels in the initial office in your new design.  And if you decide you want a brand new office system, we can provide you a structure that fits in with your existing panels, providing you with an affordable structure and a seamless transition.

Fireproof Walls

5. Trading Places


Similar to the expansion of your company, your company may, in the future, need to move to another location in order to grow larger or fit into a more strategic location in your market.  In the case of owning a modular office, changing the location of your company is simple and easy.  With either of Panel Built’s modular office options, you will be able to pick up your office and take it with you.

If the office is constructed on one of our forkliftable steel bases, all you will have to do is pick it up, put it on the truck, and install it at your new location.  Simple as can be.  For our knock down option, all that you need to do is uninstall the structure and reinstall in the new location, and you can do this will all of the original parts!


Overall, there are many benefits to having a relocatable office in your facility.  It provides you with more flexibility than any other office space available, and in more ways than one.  If you think that modular construction could be the right fit for your facility, give us a call at 800.636.3873 or send us an email at info@panelbuilt.com.  We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our product or your project.