A Brief Overview of Our Blast Resistant Modular Building


Exterior Hip Roof Regardless of how safe you would like to feel on your business premises, the threat of violence or intrusion is very real. Protecting your property and your staff should be a primary concern, which means that you need to provide adequate structures for housing security personnel and team members working in high-risk environments. A blast resistant modular building can provide you with a permanent shelter for onsite security, or even a portable structure for use on a commercial site, work site, or at mixed-use event grounds. At Panel Built Incorporated, we provide precision engineered modular buildings that provide security and peace of mind.

Finding a Blast Resistant Guard Shack for Sale

When you are looking for protection, it is important that you choose a manufacturing firm that has experience in the industry and a strong reputation. We’ve been developing pre-fabricated buildings for over 20 years, and have complete oversight of the construction process from two purpose built facilities. Our designs are customizable and flexible for your needs, with every building having the strength of a permanent installation, while still remaining portable. Because our buildings are modular, they can be easily expanded upon for unique installations.

What to Expect from a Blast Resistant and Ballistic Modular Building

Bullet Proof GuardConsider the security challenges that you face today. Vandalism, theft, forced intrusion, or even direct attack from firearms or explosives, are all possible scenarios. If you are securing a high-risk site, dealing with crowds, interacting with the general public, or holding cash or valuable items, the risk to your property and staff is only increased. A protective modular building should provide a secure environment for your employees. Because our buildings are made to exacting specifications with advanced construction techniques, you can ensure that protection is available when your staff needs it most. The design of our buildings and choice of materials are suited for practicality as well as security. You shouldn’t have to make compromises when choosing a blast resistant modular building, and when you choose to purchase from us, you won’t have to. Designs can call for the use of stainless steel or carbon steel in the construction process. Buildings are welded to ensure integrity throughout while eliminating the risk of deterioration that exists with conventional fabrication methods. The image of your company is important, which is why our buildings are low maintenance, and easily cleaned. In fact, using a blast resistant security building will not pose additional challenges when compared to a conventional building, which means that you get all of the safety benefits without the requirement of any additional upkeep. Designs are modern and can be finished to match your other structures or even your company branding. For booths that will primarily see portable use, this is a definite advantage. Our custom buildings have a strong visual profile which can be an effective deterrent, but they’re not imposing in a way that would be detrimental to your business.

Comfort Benefits of a Blast Resistant Guard Shack

Ballistic Rated BoothPurchasing a ballistic and blast resistant building means that construction standards are higher than those of other prefabricated buildings. No matter what environment your building will be situated in, it will stand up to regular elemental damage, as well as damage from heavy rain, wind, snow, and hail. Flying debris can cause significant damage to inferior buildings, but with a prefabricated structure from Panel Built Incorporated, your investment is protected and left intact after any weather event. If you don’t require portability, our buildings are just as suitable for permanent installations. Besides being durable and weatherproof, a ballistic building should be comfortable for anyone working within. Adequate ventilation is provided, and safety windows can be installed to allow for natural light and increased outside visibility. The latter is especially important for security and situational awareness. Climate control systems can be installed, with outdoor units being housed in an integrated enclosure that is designed and produced to the same high standards as the rest of the structure. Insulation and the nature of a welded building will help to maintain cool temperatures in hot climates or keep heat inside when necessary. This makes for an economical and energy efficient building.

Endless Uses of a Blast Resistant Guard Booth

Whether you need a blast resistant booth that can be conveniently relocated between entrance ways and gates, or a larger semi-permanent security center on your premises, we will deliver a unit that is made to last and that also meets both independent UL and National Institute of Justice Ballistic Standards. With the possibility to customize with security lighting, loudspeaker PA systems, and advanced electronic security, there are countless reasons to choose Panel Built Incorporated to protect your business interests and staff. Contact us today for blast resistant guard shack prices and enjoy a more secure business environment.