• 1 Aug 2014

    Advantages Of Modular Buildings

    Advantages of building prefabricated modular buildings in a modern world

    advantages of modular buildingsWhy go through all the hassle of construction when your custom Panel Built modular building is just waiting to be created at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time?

    Modular buildings have come a long way in recent years. Chances are good that you have seen many of these buildings without even realizing they were modular. Metal buildings can be crafted as 2-story or even 3-story structures, depending on your needs.

    The many advantages of modular buildings start with their construction process. These structures are fashioned away from their future locations so they can be built in a controlled plant environment, while using the same materials and adhering to the same high standards and codes as buildings that are built conventionally. Building components (or “modules”) are produced off-site then assembled on-site in a way that reflects the original vision of the building’s design. Once assembled, a modular building is nearly indistinguishable from its built-on-site counterparts

    Benefits of modular building systems

    Cost: modular buildings are an economic alternative to traditional construction

    Many people do not realize how much money they can save by choosing to build a modular building. Because the process of building modular structures inherently costs less than traditional construction, we are able to produce state-of-the-art buildings for you at a much lower cost. Also here at Panel Built, Inc. we operate on a large enough scale that we can get discounts from product suppliers on the materials we need to build your structure, and we are glad to be able to pass along that savings to you.

    Speed: a basic office can be manufactured, shipped, and delivered in as little as two days

    In today’s hectic world where “time is money,” businesses can cut their construction time from years or months down to days. This dramatic cut in construction time is only one part of the time saved by choosing to create an industrial modular building. Traditional construction requires not only months of time on the contractor’s end but also consumes a great deal of the building owner’s time. Taking time to make decisions about roofing, lighting, ventilation, and other concerns takes away time that can be better spent growing your business. Most modular structures are built in half the time taken by traditional construction, and here at Panel Built we even have a basic office structure that can be manufactured, shipped, and delivered within two days of your order.

    Convenience: installation is simple and neat

    The noise and chaos of a construction site filled with workers, equipment, and suppliers is not only off-putting but is also unnecessary for the needs of many companies. A business that takes the opportunity to craft a Panel Built modular building will find the installation process to be straightforward and orderly. The unit arrives ready to be connected and used immediately.

    Flexibility: future modifications are relatively easy

    When a traditionally constructed building requires remodeling, significant alterations must be made. Modular buildings lend themselves to being easily remodeled, simply by adding sections or even entire floors to the base structure.

    Designing industrial modular buildings

    Our industrial modular buildings are designed with your needs in mind, whether you choose one of our pre-assembled buildings or opt to develop a custom project. We understand your need to develop a safe, quiet, inviting space, and our designs reflect that understanding. All our buildings are made with great precision and consistently high quality.

    Modular buildings can be installed permanently, and they are durable: with proper, regular maintenance, modular buildings last as long as conventionally built buildings.

    Constructing metal buildings by Panel Built

    It’s not every day that the average person sets out to construct a building, but we’ve been constructing them day in and day out since 1995. We have the experience and expertise to help you through every step of this important process. We are eager to offer you the full benefit of our deep base of knowledge in constructing modular buildings.

    We at Panel Built pride ourselves not only on being a world class manufacturer but also on achieving complete customer satisfaction with every metal building we create. You will find that our creative process allows for flexibility in design so you can get exactly what you need.

    You will also find all of our buildings (and our other products) to be durable, with lasting finish.

    ”Go Green” with metal modular buildings

    Panel Built modular buildingThe process of constructing metal modular buildings is so efficient that it not only saves you money, time, and hassle, but it also helps save the environment. The streamlined construction process reduces material waste and minimizes labor, not only reducing costs for everyone involved, but also minimizing the carbon footprint of the building process.

    Material waste is reduced in panel-built metal buildings because of increased simplicity of recycling, ease of monitoring inventory, and convenience of protecting building materials from the elements.

    Modular buildings also have an environmentally friendly advantage in that components can be disassembled and either relocated or refurbished for a new use, which minimizes the demand for new materials. Relocating a modular building with minimal alterations requires only about 3% of the energy required to manufacture a new modular building with the same specifications.

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