Becoming a Modular Construction Dealer


When working with B2B clients, you are as valuable as your product line.
Many manufacturing, warehousing, and e-commerce industries are booming from the pandemic. Increasing demand has caused suppliers to grow their inventory levels, and as a result, commercial real estate prices are on the rise.Soon, many of your customers will be in a difficult position: needing new space that is unavailable or entirely too expensive. Panel Built, Inc. can help you solve these space needs no matter what industries you serve!

Whether you prefer hands-on work or the convenience of drop shipping, Panel Built offers turn-key space solutions for your customers that help them maximize their existing warehouse and office space. Our modular structures can form additional office and storage space for industries of all types (panel-built customers range from Fortune 500 companies to our local primary school). This post will go over all the many benefits of modular construction and how you can use it to deliver value to your customers. 
The Modular Advantage
Modular construction is a way to manufacture walls, buildings, and other structures that mainly occur off-site. Panel Built operates multiple specialized modular construction facilities that pre-manufacture modular offices, cleanrooms, equipment platforms, mezzanines, machine enclosures, and more. Most of the construction occurs in our modular facilities, so the structures can be quickly and conveniently installed on-site. Panel Built coordinates with installation teams nationwide to deliver turn-key projects nationwide. with installation teams nationwide to deliver turn-key projects all across the country. 
Let's Go Over A Brief Explanation of Our System
Most of Panel Built's modular buildings are formed from our signature wall panel system. This panel is 3" thick with two durable outer skins and an insulative core. However, the materials comprising the panel are highly adaptable and able to provide additional sound dampening, insulation, and fire protection if needed.

The wall panels are connected via a binder post system as an electrical and data raceway. With the binder post system, our wall panels can be connected to form 100% unique layouts for your customers. So, whether they require a multi-story office complex, a small breakroom, or restroom facilities, they can be formed from our system.  

Our standard wall panel comprises a vinyl-covered gypsum board with a 2" polystyrene core. This highly economical panel provides helpful sound reduction and insulation for a traditional office environment. The vinyl facing comes in three standard colors: white, champaign, and grey. However, our system can be easily outfitted with more reflective surfaces to give the structure a smoother and more modern appeal. On the other hand, if the building needs further sound dampening or fire resistance, substitute cores and additional substrates can be incorporated into the panel design.
The Panel Built Difference
Panel Built modular structures are designed for convenience and long-term flexibility. Panel Built's products are mainly semi-permanent in design, allowing them to be reconfigured, relocated, or expanded in the future. For example, suppose your customer is in a crunch and needs more office space. In that case, our quick-ship modular offices can supply them with a simple workspace faster than practically any other solution in the market. However, if their space needs change over time, they need more space. Then, the office space can be entirely reconfigured or added to make the required space quickly.   

Speed is the most significant benefit of modular construction, though. As we have mentioned, with most of the structures manufactured off-site, you can deliver these structures in a fraction of the time of stick-built alternatives. This improved lead time gives you a massive advantage against competitors, especially when your customers are in a severe space crunch.

Furthermore, the Panel Built installation process is designed for minimal on-site disruption: less waste, less on-site time, and less hassle for your customers. Finally, as a turn-key provider, Panel Built can handle the full scope of the project for you, from engineering to installation, allowing you to focus on nurturing your relationship with your clients.

Ultimately, there are many great reasons to add Panel Built's modular structures to your product repertoire. The speed and convenience of the building process allow you to offer space solutions to your customers at a speed unmatched by traditional building methods. Further, you do not need to be a general contractor to sell or install them. Panel Built works with you through the entire project phase. As modular building experts, we will supply you with the information and materials to impress customers and deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Are you interested in becoming a Panel Built Dealer?  Reach out to us via email at We have inside salespeople available for all 50 United States, Canada, Mexico, and abroad.  Panel Built has been in operation since 1995, completing over 10,000 modular projects in that time.  Panel Built customers range from military bases to elementary schools and essentially everything in between because organizations of all types have these space needs. So reach out to us today, and become an extension of the Panel Built team!