• 7 Nov 2013

    Before You Buy A Guard Booth…

    You might think you only need a small guard booth today. But it is hard to predict what your needs will be next year or in five years. Instead of waiting for months to have a very small security booth constructed onsite and then possibly having to replace it with something bigger in a few years, why not get a modular solution that is tough, durable, inexpensive, and convenient?

    Why Buy Factory-Made, Custom Guard Booths?

    guard - booth

    There are several reasons to consider purchasing one of these security booths. You might consider the fact that they are generally much cheaper to buy and faster to construct than traditionally-built guard shacks. You may also be happy to know that they can be built and delivered fast, and also that the modular design allows you to order custom features.

    However, most people order these buildings because they know they will be getting a building that is safe and durable. You surely put the safety of your people first, and you might also have concerns about the security of vital and sensitive equipment that your security people need to function. These modular buildings can meet that need because of the way they are designed and the materials that are used in construction.

    The sides of these buildings can be built out of steel panels. In fact, they can even be ballistic-grade steel, and this means your security people are safe from attacks by armed intruders. The panels can even be taken out and replaced if they ever get damaged in an an attack. This means that you should be able to enjoy the fact that your modular guard shack will hold up for years and years under some very harsh conditions.

    Don’t worry about heavy use either. Typical businesses and government installations use this very type of security booths every day for twenty-four hours a day. You may have seen these modular security booths being used at the entrance to secured government buildings and factories. Many of these need to be in operation every day of the year.

    In fact, these sturdy booths have been designed and engineered with just this type of use in mind, and they also come well guaranteed for your continued peace of mind. Sturdy steel walls and floors and precise engineering mean that your booth can be as permanent as any other building.

    Besides knowing that these booths can provide your people and equipment with vital security, you may have other considerations. For most people, cost and speed are considerations. Fabricated buildings also hold up well here too.

    guard _ boothHave you delayed construction of a guard shack inside or outside of your building because you were reluctant to stop work or disrupt traffic? That is precisely that reason that these fabricated buildings are chosen for busy operations. These buildings can all be installed onsite within a few hours after they are delivered, and you might even be able to start using the the same day. Interruption of work should be minimal.

    You can get your building delivered quickly too. If your needs are urgent, you might be able to order one of the catalog models for shipment right away.

    If you have unique needs, you can work with the design team to create a building that fits your unique needs. This might take a bit longer, but because these buildings all have modular parts, it won’t take long.

    Either way, it is likely that you will have your fabricated guard shack delivered and installed much faster than you could ever get a traditional building built.

    Remember that the modular design also allows you to order a small both today. Later, if your needs change you can turn it into a larger security building or even an entire suite of security rooms and offices. This versatility is one of the biggest advantages of ordering a modular building over a traditional building.

    Learn More About Buying Modular Security Booths Today

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