The Benefits of Using a Modular E-House Manufacturer


As a modular construction provider since 1995, Panel Built has had the opportunity to manufacture buildings to a variety of companies in the oil, mining, natural gas, marine, power, and utility industries. As an experienced provider of prefabricated buildings for these sectors, designing, engineering, and fabricating their Electrical Houses, or E-Houses, became a natural fit for us and our building systems. These buildings oftentimes can go by a variety of different names: Electrical Control Buildings, E-Houses, MCC Buildings, Power Houses, Substations, Power Distribution Centers, and more... However, their primary function remains the same, housing and protecting valuable electrical equipment.

In many cases, these Electrical Houses will be located in remote, rural areas which can make the construction of the building more difficult.  There may not always be qualified personel available in these areas to provide stick-built construction, potentially putting your project and equipment at risk.  Plus, with the stick-built method in a remote area, construction costs can keep growing and growing with longer project times and more frequent delays.  However, this is one of the many reasons these industries have turned to a modular solution to their E-House needs.  In this post, we will go over some of the benefits a modular E-House Manufacturer like Panel Built, Inc. can bring to your project. 

Quick E-House Project Times & Installation On-Site

Modular Control House

For any building project, having a fast and reliable project timeline is always a plus, aiming for the fastest turn-around time possible, and E-Houses are no different.  With the fully prefabricated, pre-assembled electrical houses Panel Built manufactures their buildings in a fraction of the time as stick-built alternatives.  Fabricating each of our buildings in one of our specialized modular construction facilities, our e-houses are always in the hands of an expert no matter what stage in the manufacturing process it is in.  This allows us to provide quick and easily predictable production timeline, and while we are manufacturing the building in our factory, the project site can be prepped for the building's arrival.  With these two processes occurring simultaneously (site prep and construction), the overall project timeline is shortened.  

Once the building is on-site, the installation process is easy and convenient.  The buildings are packaged and shipped atop a flatbed truck with crane lifting lugs installed into the building's roof.  From there, the building can be easily off-loaded and placed into its final location. 

Great for New or Existing Electrical Control Projects

Electrical Enclosure

Panel Built's modular E-Houses can be designed in a variety of different ways depending on the project type.  In most cases, Panel Built delivered a fully-enclosed, pre-assembled building in which the electrical control equipment is to be installed into.  However, Panel Built offers other unique options for equipment already in place.  Panel Built can utilize our welded steel framed design to deliver an already assembled building with no floor, allowing for a "drop over" design for the building.  In this scenario, the building is delivered to the site as usual, and easily crane lifted and installed over the existing equipment.  Alternatively, we can utilize our panelized wall system to enclose the building, where the building's components are delivered to the job site and installed around the electrical controls.  

Fully Custom, Prefabricated Design

Electrical Houses

Although our buildings are fully prefabricated, Panel Built custom designs, engineers, and fabricates each building to best fit our customers' needs.  With our modular building design, our buildings are highly flexible in nature, capable of meeting specific dimension and layout requirements.  For larger E-House projects, Panel Built can fabricate the building in modular units.  Each module will be shipped to the project site and connected together to form a whole building once delivered.  

With each E-House project comes unique requirements and needs.  We can offer our electrical enclosures with a variety of characteristics to solve these needs.  Panel Built can offer buildings with additional fire protection, sound deadening, ballistic capabilities, and more to fit into a variety of environments. 

Panel Built has completed modular construction projects in all 50 US states and internationally; we are accustomed to adapting our system to meet the unique requirements of the area.  

Consistent, Quality Product From a Proven Manufacturer

Prefabricated E-House

Panel Built's modular buildings have been fabricated to serve a variety of industries and organizations, ranging from the military to school systems.  We're a GSA contract holder, providing prefabricated buildings and structures to all areas of the United States government.  In our 25 years in the industry, we have experience working on thousands of projects all over the world.  And one of the main attributes we pride ourselves on the most is our dedication to offering a quality product that perfectly suits our customers' needs.  It's even in our mission statement: To Solve our Customers' Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service

As we mentioned earlier, with each step of our modular construction process, your Electrical House will be in the hands of one of our trained experts.  That true from the welding of the frame to the last drop of paint.  And operating in a controlled, modular construction space, there's far less room for variables in the building process.  There's no risk of weather potentially damaging buildings and materials (or delaying your lead time).  Additionally, every building we manufacture has to be built to withstand the rigors of traveling across the country atop a flatbed.  This heavy-duty design helps ensure a long lifespan once the building is anchored into place.  

As a custom E-House Manufacturer, Panel Built offers a number of options and features for our buildings; Visit our E-House page to learn more about the buildings, see some additional pictures, or even see a 3D fly-through of one of our previous projects.  If you have any questions, concerns, or if you'd like a quote for your Electrical House project, give us a call at 8006363873, send us an email to, or just let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.  We're dedicated to providing the perfect space solution for your specific needs.