• 5 Aug 2015

    Cheap panel built mezzanines online and their uses

    There are many things a business will add to help with the expansions of a workplace or an ever-growing office community. When a business or new company structure starts out you tend to lean towards the smaller end and build as you grow. Doing this saves you time as well as money. Adding to your business when the time comes to expand proves easier than taking away if you over thought the process. One great option for a growing business is to add a mezzanines by Panel Built to allow for company growth. There are multiple purposes for mezzanines within a business structure. You are not limited on what you use the extra space for. Modular Mezzanines come in many different sizes making them versatile and moveable.  You will find that these structures are also strong and able to be used in creative ways. Check out our list of suggest mezzanines uses.

    Custom mezzanines in your office building

    One of the most common applications for prefabricated steel mezzanines is to simply use them as extra office space. Adding in one of these mezzanines office structures allows you to create more room for new employees that overflow your current workspace. When you grow larger, your first inclination might be to move to a location that will accommodate the size of company you are building. Searching for the space takes time. Along with the time consumption you may have plans to expand even more forcing you to relocate again. Panel Built mezzanines can easily be erected and provide the much needed office space without the hassle. Another reason you may be considering office space would be needing a place for a break room, main office or a front desk where you can be reached. Being located in a warehouse can make creating the space for these hard. The simple building of mezzanines keeps your warehouse spacious and your offices separate from the work going on.

    Mezzanines By Panel Built

    Free standing mezzanines for storage

    A mezzanine doesn’t just create extra office space for your current employees. Another great use for these prefabricated steel mezzanines is for the creation of storage. This storage is so versatile and sturdy it can accommodate just about anything. Often times people will use these structures for extra storage space for cars and boats. This is a great use whether you are a residential customer or a business customer. Using these for the storage of these types of items also allows you to have a space to repair or tune up your work vehicle or maintain a fun hobby without taking over vital space within the building.

    Steel mezzanines are great to use for overstock storage in a warehouse as well. They are easily accessible and placed in locations that are near the work site, which allows your employees to access the needed items to complete their work. The best modular mezzanines available for sale for storage uses are right here at Panel Built.

    Custom Mezzanines for part assembly

    When you have a warehouse that needs to grow in size due to product demand installing a modular mezzanines may be the answer you are looking for. These structures can be placed right inside your warehouse and lifted up off the main floor, allowing for the extra workspace you need. This can be a great area with in your warehouse to create the space for is parts assembly. Making a space strictly for parts assembly that is away from other areas but still nearby allows for better production of product. Your workspace now has locations separated out keeping everyone on task. It is also beneficial to have the prefabricated mezzanines made for a single set of tasks to allow for faster construction of parts. This serves as the storage for the parts as well so each employee has a set system in place to keep the assembly line moving forward.

    Structural mezzanines for viewing purposes

    Often times in a warehouse work setting there is a lot going on all at once. It can be hard to take potential buyers on a tour through your warehouse explaining everything that goes on behind the scenes. You want each new person that enters your workplace to feel confident in the process that goes on there. Their investment needs to be a good one and your appearance does matter. Modular mezzanines are a great way to allow potential employees, buyers and investors the ability to walk around and see what is going on. Perhaps your place of business is managed by you, but owned by someone else. Implementing a mezzanine catwalk system throughout your warehouse can give the owner a bird’s eye view of how the business is physically running. You can easily instruct them on what is going on below while you are away from the noise and constant movement. Having a catwalk like this also allows you to do employee reviews by actually watching their work ethic and production.

    Prefabricated Mezzanines for you

    Now that you have read a few of the uses of structural mezzanines you can see clearly that they are versatile and easily added into any workplace for just about any purpose. If you are in need of a mezzanine, allow our professionals at Panel Built to help you decide the best options for your growing business.

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