• 15 Sep 2014

    Panel Built is Your Source for Quality Guard Shacks and Ticket Booths

     modular guard shacks

    When you run a business that requires you to move around or change locations with relative frequency, you need an option that will allow you to provide shelter to your employees and won’t set you back thousands of dollars.

    For most businesses of this type, particularly construction companies, fairs and other event groups, a modular unit is the best option available. At Panel Built we offer modular guard shacks, a gate house and ticket booth structures. These units allow you to keep your employees comfortable and reuse the facility even when you do need to move.

    When long days, back to back meetings and a constant barrage of phone calls makes it difficult to breathe, much less spend time shopping for the perfect product, the internet is there to save you. You can view our products and read more specifics about each of our products on our website. A customer service agent can help answer any additional questions and fill your order.

    At Panel Built we know that all businesses may have a need for portable shelter. The convenience of the modular, prefabricated units are hard to beat. The design makes it easy to transport, sturdier when in place and much more cost efficient for long-term and short-term use.

    Use a Prefab Guard Shack to Save Money 

    When you need to save money, look for guard shack companies online. Panel Built ranks among the best online providers for these types of units. A prefab guard shack will save you time and money. Some of our units can be shipped direct to you within two business days. This allows for plenty of time to set up shop and get your site arranged so you can have your security guards hard and work and sheltered quickly.

    If you are looking for a simple way to provide extra protection for your staff or security guards, you may have wondered where to buy portable guard booths. You can easily purchase them online, which saves you time and money. Don’t waste your time running around town trying to book time with a salesman. We offer our catalog with details on our website. This means you can easily find the product you are looking for and contact our representatives with details of what you want or for any questions. You can do this sitting at your desk with a cup of coffee or lounging on your couch in your bathrobe after work. Ordering online will make your day just a little less stressful.

    A guard shack is a great option for businesses or companies that need flexible units for shelter. These units are relatively basic but provide and cheap alternative to traditional structures. A guard shack enclosure is a necessity when you are working on construction sites or at other facilities that may require you to relocate. These units provide welcome relief from the hot sun, rain or wind when security guards are on duty.

    Purchasing cheap modular guard shacks online is a great way to save money and save time when you have little of both to spare. Our units are designed to be moved quickly and easily. You’ll save money because you can easily reuse the same units you’ve already purchased for us on another job. Our structures are structurally sound and specifically designed to withstand travel. In this regard they may even be more sturdy that some traditional structures. Whether you need a quick solution for a guard shack on your construction site or you’d like to provide a more permanent option at a residential property, we have what you need.

    We offer Cheap Ticket Booths Available For Sale

    cheap ticket booths available for saleWhen you simply need to find cheap ticket booths available for sale, check out Panel Built. We offer low cost, high quality booths that will provide shelter for your employees while they work with customers.

    It’s not usually feasible or cost efficient to build permanent structures for events like fairs, carnivals or other community events that come once a year. If you need a durable structure that can easily be moved or stored if necessary, a portable ticket booth is a great idea. Now your employees or volunteers can work with customers in the comfort of a shaded facility. Each ticket booth features sliding windows to allow your employee easy access to guests. This also provides additional protection against the rain, wind or cold air when the employee is not talking to a customer.

    Panel Built offers the best available prefabricated guard booth for sale. Each unit is designed to the highest industry standards. Our ticket booth and guard booth are designed to meet the basic needs. Each provides enough room for one or two individuals. You can customize window size and location to accommodate shelving or a stool so that your employees are more comfortable as well.

    We provide high-quality units for every need. Modular construction of this type is beneficial to businesses, manufacturers and communities because they are durable and cheap. Additionally, we ensure that our units are designed to allow customization if necessary. Our customized options may include different style and sizes of windows, different doors (metal or glass) and the ability to add an HVAC system if desired. Additionally, your units can easily be connected to electricity if necessary.

    To learn more about how fast we can get your new prefabricated shipped directly to your work site, contact Panel Built customer service. You can save time and money by ordering online and choosing a brand that provides a quality guaranteed policy.



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