Find Cheap Modular Cleanrooms for Sale


In any business there are certain things that you will need to obtain, but in some businesses you will find that getting a cleanroom is more than necessary – it is required, especially if you are to conduct your business legally. The search for a cleanroom can be a bit intimidating, as you have probably discovered, but Panelbuilt has it all in hand, and will make sure you not only get what you need, but that you are able to move forward in style. Before we go any further, let’s discuss the concept of modular buildings, and in particular, modular clean rooms. What are they? Why are they so important? How can they help you? They can do so in a few ways, actually.

Understanding Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are an outstanding innovation. They not only provide a much needed amenity, they conform to safety standards, and can be moved about as you wish. For example, if you need an office in the middle of your factory building, you can utilize a modular building, which will stand alone without the need to connect to the rest of the building. These buildings can be built to any specification you can imagine, and they can even be equipped with their own air conditioning units. That being the case, you essentially have your very own cordoned off space, an island of serenity in a factory full of complete and utter chaos. It might sound a bit extreme, but sometimes this is absolutely necessary, especially if you want to get your work finished unimpeded. These modular buildings can be used as anything from assembly lines to office buildings, or even break rooms. The sky is the limit with modular buildings but today we are talking about cheap modular cleanrooms for sale.

What are Cleanrooms?

Cleanrooms are environments which are generally devoid of particulates or debris that would normally be present. For example, in most buildings you can always find dust, dirt, or dander floating about in the air, and while this is often taken care of by the air conditioning system, it does tend to make it difficult for certain delicate work to take place. This could be anything from the handling of biological material to the creation of pharmaceuticals. Then again, it could be something as complicated as assembling circuit boards. No matter what the cause, the need for a good clean room, such as a cheap available ISO 6 clean room for sale is going to be ever present, but Panel Built has a way of getting you exactly what you need in a decent amount of time. First of all, clean rooms, especially those from Panel Built come with a number of features that both put them on the map when it comes to clean rooms but also help them to meet certain standards. The following are a few features that you can expect to find in our products:
  • Positive Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • HEPA Filters
  • Pressurized Plenum
  There are several different types of clean rooms out there that you might consider, from class 1000, all the way to class 100000. The modular building experts at Panel Built have the experience necessary to use our modular wall system, combined with the cleanroom components needed to meet the strict requirements set forth by the industry. When it comes to clean rooms, you do not want to accept less than the best – period. That being said, when you are looking for where to buy ISO 7 cleanroom online, you have your answer.

Air In, Air Out

The cleanrooms created by panel built employ the standard return air chase system, however they make use of the wall cavity to ensure the entire system is hidden. The building techniques utilized will ensure that the final product is cost effective on both ends, as easier to install. To top it all off, it will simply look more attractive, and what more could you ask for when it comes to a clean room?

Clean Room Features

There are many cleanroom builders out there who have a loose or practically non-existent relationship with their suppliers, but this is not the case at Panel Built. In fact, Panel Built does its best to maintain relationships with all of the suppliers which benefits you, the end user. This will ensure to provide the best quality parts including:
  • Gasketed Light Fixtures
  • Cleanroom Drop Ceilings
  • HEPA Fan Filters
  • And much more
In the end, as the company that will be using it, you know what your cleanroom needs, and we give you the chance to customize it. Our cheap modular cleanrooms for sale can easily be touted as the best in the industry and most certainly something that you will be interested in.

Getting it Done

Once the cleanroom is purchased you will have two options for installation. In the first instance you may already have a mechanical contractor, and with that being the case, you can have them perform the installation. If, on the other hand, you do not, then don’t worry! Panel Built has plenty of contractors on hand that can install your clean room and get you to where you need to be. Take a look at our clean room options today and make sure that your business is properly equipped tomorrow. We supply only the best, and you should only stand for the best.