Guard Houses: Frequently Asked Questions


What sizes do your guard houses come in?

Although our exterior buildings are prefabricated, they are offered in fully custom sizes, depending on the customers' needs. So, we can accommodate any particular size that you're interested in.  We've designed & manufactured countless guard house projects, so if you can tell us your needs, we can generally figure out the correct size for your project.  Typically, the buildings start at 4'x4' and increase in size from there. 

Size Examples

Do you have any booths in stock?

Most likely, yes! Panel Built is making a concerted effort to always keep a set of our pre-assembled guard houses in stock at all times. To see what we currently have in stock, check out our In-Stock Page! 

Key West Golf Club
Steel Framed Booth Designed for Key West's High Wind Speed Hurricanes

Can your guard booths meet specific wind load ratings?

Yes, Panel Built, Inc. is capable of meeting building wind load requirements for practically all areas across the United States. By utilizing our welded steel framing design, Panel Built guard houses can reach wind loads of up to 190 mph.

What color guard houses do you offer?

Our panelized guard houses come in three standard colors: white, grey, and saddle tan.  However, both our panelized and welded steel can be manufactured with custom color options.  We also offer color matching to nearly all color options. 

Can you make buildings that are bullet resistant?

Yes, Panel Built can fabricate a security building capable of meeting all levels of NIJ & UL 752's ballistic ratings standards.  We have delivered these buildings to government offices, military facilities, airports, US Embassy's, and more across the US and internationally.  For more info, visit our Ballistic Rated Buildings page. 

What type of roof comes with your booths?

Panel Built offers a few different roof options for our guard houses.  Our most frequent roofing type would be a simple, single slope roof which is composed of a 3" thick composite panel with aluminum skin and a polystyrene core.  We also offer a double-sloped, gable roof system that utilizes that same composite panel. Finally, the buildings can utilize a Four slope, standing seam metal roof design in 20/22 gauge.  All roof options can have custom length overhangs, depending on customer need. 

Roof Examples

Does the guard house come assembled or broken down?

Panel Built offers guard houses in both pre-assembled and "knock down" forms.  Our pre-assembled buildings are delivered to the job site on a flat-bed truck, offloaded with a forklift, telehandler, or crane, placed on a concrete pad, and then anchored into place. "Knock down" buildings have all components shipped to the site to be assembled there atop a concrete slab. 

Prefab Ticket Booth
Panel Built Ticket Booth with two custom cashier windows

What window options do you provide?

Because Panel Built's guard houses typically serve a variety of applications, we offer a number of window options to best fit each one.  Our standard window option that you will see on most of our buildings is a 3'8"x3' picture window with 1/4" tempered glass.  Horizontal and vertical sliding glass windows can also be easily implemented, especially when the building is used as an access control point, checking traffic in and out of a facility.  Specialty transaction windows  are included on booths intended for cashiers & ticket sales. And finally, we offer a full line of ballistic rated windows with our bullet & blast resistant booths. (Note: bullet resistant windows can also be included on non-ballistic rated buildings to offer increased protection.) 

Can you incorporate "X" product into your guard house design?

We aim to solve our customers' space needs with excellence and great customer service. For us, that means providing the security building with the exact features you need to ensure the safety of your facility.  If there's a particular security product or feature you'd like included in your guard house design, we will always do our best to accommodate that product and incorporate it into your booth.  We have done this with a variety of different security products and systems, including but not limited to: exterior flood lights, mounted traffic lights, security cameras, roll-up security curtains, access control systems, and more. 

Special Add-On Examples

Do you offer a warranty with your buildings?

Yes, Panel Built offers an exclusive, written warranty with our guard houses, which includes all materials and freight to rectify any product defects.

Do Your Guard Houses Meet Code?

In our 25 years in operation, Panel Built has completed projects in all 50 US states and internationally. Our sales staff and engineering team has experience designing guard houses to meet your state and local building codes. All booths can be designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including ADA compliant restroom facilities.

If you have additional questions about Panel Built's guard houses, give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or ask us in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page. Since they are a custom product, there are a variety of questions that may arise during the design process that we are more than happy to answer for you. Whether the project's big or small, we're more than happy to help out to make sure it goes smoothly for you.