• 9 Mar 2016

    How to Utilize Panel Built Mezzanines and Industrial Platforms

    Prefabricated mezzaninesWhen it comes to running a business one must utilize every single square inch of space to maximize production and efficiency; however, sometimes there is just not enough space to get all the work done and have the business run at its best. When that happens, business owners must start looking at their options for expansion. Should a new building be found or even built? Should you add to your existing facility? All of these are expensive options that require extensive planning, permits, engineers, builders and lots of headaches. At Panel Built Incorporated, we may be able to solve your problems with much more efficiency and much less expense. Check out how to utilize Panel Built mezzanines and industrial platforms below.

    Prefabricated Mezzanines

    Prefabricated mezzanines by Panel Built Incorporated may be just the thing your business needs in order to expand and work better for you and your employees. There are many reasons why you might consider a prefabricated mezzanine or industrial platform for your business. When you have a building with limited floor space and excess vertical space from floor to ceiling, mezzanines and industrial platforms can solve a number of problems. Mezzanines are installed using the existing floor with columns for support. They can be free standing or they can be adjacent to a wall depending on your needs in the facility. When you think about increasing your usable work space without having the expense of new construction and contractors, mezzanines or industrial platforms become an even more attractive option.

    Mezzanines and platforms can be used for many purposes. Offices can even be added to a mezzanine giving you a clear supervisory view of the rest of your warehouse or facility without taking up a large amount of your valuable floor space. At Panel Built we work in conjunction with our customers to come up with the plan that best benefits you, and our designers and engineers are ready to get you started on utilizing that space and even adding an office as well. You can also use that extra space for storage or production areas. The possibilities are endless and the benefits to your business are endless as well.

    Visit www.panelbuilt.com today and look over our mezzanines, industrial platforms and modular offices, and you will see we have the best products available in the industry today. With helpful FAQS, case studies and the picture gallery, you will soon see what we can do for you and your business. When you get ready to go to the next step, just call us at 800-636-3873 or fill out the free quote form in the contact link of our website.

    Custom Mezzanines

    Panel Built mezzaninesPanel Built Incorporated has been around since 1995 when brothers, Pat and Mike Kiernan, began their business making pre-manufactured buildings. PBI has grown into an industry leading company with the best designers and engineers in the market today. We stand by our product with a guarantee of satisfaction and service that can’t be beat. We can help you grow your business in the most cost efficient way using the existing property you have available. We can provide everything from Custom mezzanines and industrial platforms to security guard booths. Our modular offices and clean rooms along with our mezzanines meet the highest industry standards and even meet military standards in most cases.

    We use only quality materials and highly experienced personnel in order to give our customers the very best products available today. In addition to our high standards of quality and service, we also offer our customers the flexibility that is needed in the economy today. Not many businesses can afford to start over with brand new facilities and we know that. We customize our products to allow you to stay in your existing building while making it possible to expand. We also can guarantee a continuity of style and design as you continue to grow. If you decide to add to your existing mezzanine or modular office later, there is no need to worry about different contractors with different styles or materials. With us, you will get the same colors, styles and designs you chose the first time. Another benefit we offer is the flexibility of our product. If you need to move your modular office in the future, they are easy to move and reinstall elsewhere. You can’t wrong trusting the growth and expansion of your facility to us at Panel Built Incorporated.

    Let our trusted specialists start you on the path to redesigning your working space. Call us today at 800-636-3873 for a free quote. We are happy to work with you to customize your space to fit your needs. Let Panel Built mezzanines and industrial platforms solve your work space problems for you so your business can continue to grow.


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