• 14 Mar 2016

    Increase your Security with a Panel Built Guard Booth

    Panel Built Incorporated is a world leader in prefabricated modular buildings. We strive to provide our customers with the modular buildings, mezzanines, industrial stairs and other facility enhancement materials they need to build their business and reach their full potential. When it comes to security, Panel Built Incorporated has you covered. You can increase your security with a Panel Built guard booth that arrives ready for use with total construction completed at our site. With just a forklift, you can place a guard booth wherever necessary to improve your business security and ensure the safety of your employees.

    The portability of our guard booths also makes it easy to move your guard booth to any location. The versatility of Panel Built guard booths make these attractive booths a great choice at entertainment venues or sporting events where workers need to be protected. They can also be used as temporary offices on construction sites. The many uses of these convenient buildings can only enhance your business and security.

    Portable Guard House

    A portable guard house by Panel Built can help you make sure your employees are safe. Our guard booths are pre-assembled and arrive at your location ready to be used immediately. The only thing to be done is to have the electrical tie in completed. A Panel Built portable guard house comes plug-in ready for you to use the same day you get your customized guard booth. Our buildings can be easily transported by truck and is installed using a forklift or crane. The complete unit can be moved easily if you find you need the booth in another location.

    PBI guard booths even come with forklift “pockets” for ease of use and installation. Whether you need a security gate, guard booth, ticket booth or range tower, Panel Build Incorporated can construct a booth to your specifications and deliver to your site ready to use. These buildings save you money because you don’t have to hire contractors to build or engineers to design your new space. You also don’t need to worry about the building permits and other expenses with a new build. The final benefit of a Panel Built portable guard house is that these buildings are considered equipment and as such have depreciable tax benefits over seven years.

    Panel Built Security Booth

    portable guard house by Panel BuiltWhen you need to increase security Panel Built Incorporated is the place to go for all your portable building needs. For over twenty years, PBI has been providing the highest quality buildings, mezzanines and other factory building materials that meet the highest industry standards. Our buildings even meet military standards. Starting with prefabricated metal buildings in 1995, Pat and Mike Kiernan have grown Panel Built Incorporated into an industry leading business providing the best product and the best customer service in the industry today. We continue to grow and serve our customers by adhering to our promise of quality, expertise and customer service. We do this by using the best engineers to design our products and using the best materials to manufacture our buildings and products.

    This allows us to stand behind our work every step of the way. At PBI we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. Our specialists will assist you in developing a plan for your order that fits your needs, assists you with the ordering process and stays with you through delivery and post-delivery care. We know that our reputation rests on the good will of our customers, and we are going to make sure that our customers are generous with their good will. A Panel Built security booth is just one of the many products we offer for business owners everywhere. We also offer portable buildings and offices that can be used either outside or in the interior of a building. We can design modular offices that will enhance your business by providing office space or waiting areas for your business that protect your customers or give your employees a break room separated from their normal work area.

    Call us today at 800-636-3873 or visit our website to see what we can offer you and your business. Our website has information to help you decide if a portable guard house is right for you. See our picture gallery, case studies and specifications of our buildings, and you will see all the benefits that can be found when you increase your security with a Panel Built guard booth. Fill out our free quote application under the “contact us” tab or call to speak with a helpful customer service agent. They will help you start planning your design and purchase of a Panel Built security booth today. Our customer service and high quality product, along with our work guarantee, will immediately go to work for you!


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