Keeping a Dynamic Security Team with Mobile Guard Booths


For many organizations, security needs can change on a moments notice, and it can be difficult to find the correct tools to always be at the top of their game. For these facilities, just having one fixed guard booth at the front of their facility may not be enough to satisfy their security needs. They need security tools that can adapt to their ever-changing needs.

For security teams with these requirements, Panel Built, Inc. has created a unique security solution that allows them to be as dynamic as possible: trailer mounted guard booths. Panel Built's trailer-mounted booths are the most mobile guard booth solution on the market. These buildings can be towed with most vehicles with a standard trailer hitch. However, the greatest benefit of our mobile guard booths is that they are heavily customizable, just like the rest of our modular buildings.

This blog post will go over some of the many different scenarios that Panel Built's mobile guard booths provide the perfect security solution to.

Construction Sites

Panel Built 'Standard' Trailer Mounted Booth

Construction sites are probably where most people are familiar with seeing mobile guard booths. There are a number of reasons that security is a high priority at construction sites. First of all, the construction company needs to ensure that no unauthorized personnel make their way on-site because construction sites are very hazardous places; if a member of the public wanders inside and becomes injured, the construction company could be held responsible. Second, there is a large amount of valuable equipment and materials that could be stolen from the site. For these reasons, many construction crews make sure to have a dedicated security team on-site, sometimes 24 hours a day.

However, construction crews may only work at a particular job site for a few months at a time. For them, it would not make sense to have a permanent guard booth that would only be in operation for that short amount of time. Plus, if they went with a fixed booth, they would have to go through the process of pouring the concrete slab and anchoring the building to it. By that point, it would probably be more hassle than it's worth.

A portable guard booth gives them the ability to take their security command center with them to whatever job site they're working on. And with the majority of construction coming in the hot Summer months, Panel Built's climate-controlled guard booths provide the perfect environment to keep their security team cool, focused, and at the top of their game.

College Campuses

Over the past decade, college campuses have had a growing focus on their security overall, and I believe most of them would place protecting their students at the top of their lists at all times. However, college campuses have a very unique security issue because they are very often sprawling over a very large amount of land. And because of this, access control at the perimeter of the property is not always feasible. Therefore, a campus security team has to have focal points within the campus itself in order to keep the campus under surveillance.

However, where these focal points are can depend on the specific activities or events happening on campus that day. Take for example a football game for a D3 college school. The amount of foot traffic that they see on campus that day may be more than they see during the entire rest of the week. They likely have security measures already at the stadium, but they might not have the resources to dedicate a guard booth to the football field full time.

A trailer-mounted guard house allows them to allocate their security resources to the football field whenever it makes the most sense for them, allowing them to use their time and money most efficiently. Then, whenever baseball season comes, the same guard booth can be transported over to their baseball field. With how easily these mobile booths can be transported, the college can move the booth at a moment's notice with no cost to them.

Military Bases

Military bases have some of the most unique security needs out of any facility. As home to branches of the US Armed Services, military bases can sometimes be a target to threats and considering these bases hold trained soldiers and large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, any potential threat is likely to be lethal in nature. So, when providing them a security solution, it must be able to withstand even the highest threat levels. In this case, Panel Built's ability to highly customize our trailer mounted guard booths comes in handy.

Panel Built can design and fabricate our trailer mounted guard booths to meet NIJ and UL 752 ballistic levels, making them bullet-resistant to some of the highest caliber weapons available. But the security solutions do not stop there. For military customers, Panel Built's mobile guard booths can even be outfitted with gun ports. What's a gun port, you ask? Well, it is a retractable slot in the wall of the guard booth. If a threat is outside the booth, the military officer inside can retract the gun port and fire his weapon through the slot, allowing him or her to combat the threat while within the safety of the ballistic rated building.

Additionally, military bases use trailer mounted guard booths for more than just security surveillance. At firing ranges, mobile booths can be employed to house the "range master" or the range's safety officer. In this case, the booth offers a safe and controlled space for the officer to oversee the shooters on the range. For these specialty booths, they can be outfitted with specialty drawers, compartments, storage containers, cameras, monitors, and more to make sure it can carry all the equipment necessary for safe shooting.

Housing Communities

Similar to a college campus, independent living communities require a security team in order to protect the lives and property of its residents. Depending on the type, the entire community can sometimes take up to hundreds to thousands of acres and keeping the entire area secure requires one of two things: a Very Large security team, or a Very Flexible one. And one of these options is far more affordable than the other...

Luckily, mobile guard booths offer the most practical solution for security teams managing large tracts of land. Oftentimes, our clients opt to mount an electric generator to the front end of the booths trailer. This allows the portable building to operate all of the same electronic accessories as a fixed guard house at the entrance of the facility. So, the guard booth not only can be physically in a different location depending on needs but can also be monitoring other areas via generator run CCTV monitors. For communities opting for a trailer-mounted guard booth and generator combo, they essentially have granted themselves a new, mobile control room to monitor the protection of the entire community.

These are just a few of the many examples of where our mobile guard booths are used in the day-to-day security of different facilities. There are countless other organizations that can use these units to bolster their operations. If you think your facility could use a security boost, just give us a call at 800.636.3873 or send us an email to We are always happy to help you solve your space needs.