Mezzanine Shelving and Decking Systems by Panel Built


If you are thinking of relocating or building a new facility because you need more space at your plant, mezzanine floors will be an excellent option for you. These floors are cost-effective and durable and allow you to easily convert unused vertical space into safe and efficient storage areas. There are a number of direct benefits of installing mezzanines by Panel Built. To begin, the floors provide an incredible level of safety that is fully compliant with regulatory code. Apart from this, they are highly adaptable to any number of warehousing and industrial environments. In business, time is money and unused space is overhead. With limited floor space, you are limited on the amount of materials and equipment that you can house in the facility. Limited space can also lead to safety issues such as trips and fall hazards. You may require additional space in your plant not only to accommodate operations and inventory, but also ensure a safe working environment. When things are too closely packed together, they may restrict the movement of employees and make it difficult to find stored inventory or equipment. However, the cost of moving for industrial facilities is usually enormous. This is where mezzanine floors built by Panel Built come in. Investing in mezzanine floors increases the available storage space on average by between 100 to 150 percent. Moreover, you will not have to wait for months or years for a new building to be constructed.

Reduce Operational Costs with Mezzanine Floors

If you choose to build new facilities to get additional space, you will also have to cater for additional costs when it comes to building maintenance and energy consumption. However, by installing mezzanine floors to your existing floor space, you will quickly have safe and solid storage areas that do not consume a lot of energy like conventional buildings do. The energy savings resulting from mezzanine floors can be significant when calculating the quarterly or yearly operation costs. There are also tax benefits of using mezzanine floors as opposed to constructing new buildings for more space. Mezzanines floors are classified under movable goods like furniture and are thus exempted from taxes. Constructing a new facility or expanding your existing one will place you in a higher property tax bracket, thereby increasing your costs. You can avoid these taxes by utilizing your vertical space with a mezzanine floor system that qualifies for depreciation tax breaks. This further ensures your overheads stay low while your productions increase, resulting in improved bottom line. Mezzanines by Panel Built are versatile and can be used in almost any facility. The floors are assembled in a similar manner to standard shelving and provide workspace, staging, storage and even office space. The system’s components are made of steel and come pre-fabricated from the manufacturer. No drilling or welding is required during installation. You can choose from a number of steel or concrete decks, stairs or handrails to ensure full code compliance for specific industries and particular geographic areas. The mezzanine railing system is installed together through the guidance of a handrail and is protected with a wire partition. The system is fully compliant with BOCA and OSHA safety regulations and reduces the likelihood of slip and fall hazards. With lower risk to accidents, your workman’s’ liability compensation and insurance premiums are likely to go down.

Flexible Mezzanine Floor Options

You can choose various types of mezzanines based on your requirements. Because of the way the floors are assembles, they can be customized in size and location as your industry expands or needs change. You can move the floors easily and at will and upgrade without replacing them. Mezzanine floors come in a variety of colors that will match the theme of your storage areas or warehouses. The outside of the floors is made of a combination of acrylic and polyurethane, which makes them durable and resistant to various weather elements. The floors can last for many years without requiring heavy maintenance or replacement. Mezzanine floors built by Panel Built meet all industry standards and can be used in a variety of settings. Our experienced team has been helping companies from all across the nation improve their bottom line and minimize the costs of getting new plant space. The versatile products are easy to install and come pre-fabricated from the factory. Our installation process is quick and is noiseless compared to conventional building. There is no drilling or bolting of any parts of the mezzanine floor. This means you can continue with your operations even as we are installing the floors in your facility. Click here to find out more about our mezzanines floors and how we can help you utilize your unused vertical space.