Mezzanines by Panel Built - The Smart Business Space Solution


Have you been thinking about building an extra building or even moving your company because your needs have grown and you need extra space. There might be a much less expensive and less disruptive solution that you can implement right away. Consider Mezzanines by Panel Built as an economical solution to your space problems.  

What Are Mezzanines by Panel Built?

These are industrial platforms that can be used to add extra space right over your existing floor. You can use them for observation platforms, offices, employee break rooms, and even additional work space. In fact, you can use these heavy-duty and high quality platforms for just about anything that you can use your original floor place to do. They provide a clear view of the floor work area and covert wasted overhead space into a productive work area.  

Why Are Mezzanines So Popular With Smart Manufacturers?

In fact, mezzanines by Panel Built can even meet military specifications. They can be built to accommodate a variety of needs and space requirements. You can have anything from a small observation platform to a functioning production environment on your extra floor. That is because these steel platforms are constructed to your specifications. Are you paying to heat and cool your factory space anyway? Adding an extra platform should not add to your company's utility bills either. Imagine housing more work space without adding to your air conditioning or heating bill. In some cases, the platform might block the lights, but lighting is usually a minor utility cost when compared to heating and cooling. You can order these platforms in the size that you need. This includes the width and height. Your platform could be intended for a small observation platform or large suite of offices. The choice of spans are up to you. You can even select the decking materials that best meet your need. You can have a carpeted office or a durable work floor. In any case, they require little maintenance and are considered one of the most durable and productive metal structures on the market. You can even choose how people can access these second levels. For example, you might decide between ladder or stair access. In some cases, ramps or lifts can even be installed to accommodate disabled people or freight. The choice is yours. It is just like adding another floor to your existing building.  

Minimize Work Disruption with Mezzanines

Panel Built understands that businesses lose money when they have their production interrupted.  In fact, that may have been what kept you from adding extra space in the past. You know that your needs have grown, but you do not want to disrupt the work that is already going on. That is actually why these mezzanines are a great choice for busy production facilities and factories. Yes, you can order these platforms built to your exact requirements. However, the parts of the platform are precisely engineered to exact specifications in the factory and then delivered to your work site. Once delivered, they are fairly quick to install by our expert technicians. In fact, many times they can be installed right over the heads of your workers with little interruption of work. If there is some need to stop work, it should not be for long. Compare this to moving your facility or adding on extra building space. Either of these two choices is bound to disrupt your work for a long time. Imagine having your platforms delivered in the morning, and then being able to enjoy increased work space within hours or days. It almost seems as if it is too good to be true. But this is what can be accomplished with precisely engineered steel parts and experienced technicians. And even though these platforms are very quick to install, you can expect them to perform for many years in the future. Since these platforms are made out of durable steel with powder coating, you can probably expect these platforms to hold up as long as the rest of your building. This is just another reason why these Panel Built mezzanines are the smart choice of so many successful companies. Of course, many of our customers just like the cost. The price for these platforms is much less per square foot than building a new building. These Panel Built platforms are a cost-effective solution in so many ways.  

Why Not Learn More About Steel Work Platforms?

If you are ready to add more floor space to your company, why not simply contact the company to learn more about these steel platforms. Simply give the customer service professionals your requirements, and they can help you with a selection of great solutions. Find out how inexpensive and easy it is to add more space to your business with these custom solutions.