How Mezzanines Help Soothe Company Growing Pains


Growth is an exciting and promising thing for companies of all kinds. However, with growth typically comes the need to expand processes and operations. In many cases, facilities will need to expand their usable space in a hurry. This can leave companies in a serious bind.

Staging PlatformFinding a new location can be heavily time-consuming and can cause a halt in production during the move. Renting additional space can be helpful, but it can be difficult to find a space that’s convenient and nearby your current facilities. And adding on to your current space can takes months to complete and might be entirely unfeasible due to the surrounding area.

However, Panel Built offers a solution to allow companies in need of more space a quick and easy way to get the most out of their current facility.  Panel Built’s prefabricated mezzanines utilize the vertical space in warehouses by making the most of the vertical space within a facility with custom and easy to install platforms. 

Panel Built Mezzanines Offer A Variety of Warehouse Space Solutions

The most common application for Panel Built's mezzanine systems is to offer more storage space within a facility.  Especially for companies looking to expand their inventory or production capabilities, this is a very effective and easy method to maximize their usable space.  However, catwalks, equipment access platforms, observation towers, elevated supervisor's offices, maintenance platforms, and other applications have all been formed from our bolt-together steel mezzanine systems.  

Mezzanine Applications

Using modular techniques, Panel Built’s steel mezzanine systems are prefabricated in one of our specialized modular construction facilities.  From there, the mezzanine components are shipped to the job site and easily installed by one of our professional installation groups that work all across the United States.  Since Panel Built is a turn-key modular structure provider, we can design, engineer, fabricate, deliver, and install of your mezzanine structure, ensuring that all aspects of the new structure are taken care of from start to finish. 

The bolt-together mezzanine design ensures that the structure can be easily assembled on site and in a timely fashion.  And, since all of Panel Built’s projects are designed to customer specification, they will ensure that every aspect of the steel mezzanine is perfectly tailored to their exact needs.

Customized mezzanine
Custom Mezzanine Platform Providing Additional Floorspace in Commercial Building

How Will Panel Built's Steel Mezzanines Help?

As we mentioned before, Panel Built mezzanines typically function to provide additional storage space for facilities that are running out of room.  This can take the form of enormous platforms for large shelving installations or even smaller, highly specialized platforms to hold tanks, pumps, or other equipment.  However, adding extra storage space is not the only way over-crowded facilities can benefit from Panel Built's mezzanine systems.  

Warehouse CatwalkCertain mezzanine applications can also make facilities safer for employees to operate in.  As a warehouse or manufacturing facility becomes more and more crowded with employees, equipment, and inventory, the risk of accidents can rise as well.  Increased foot traffic, mixed in with forklifts and tightening aisles leaves a smaller and smaller margin of error.   For this reason alone, adding a storage mezzanine to the facility can help free up space for employees and equipment to operate freely and with a lesser risk of a collision.  

However, the help mezzanines can provide goes far beyond that of just storage. Panel Built's catwalk systems offer another solution for facilities looking to free up space on the facility floor.  Adding catwalks to a facility is a great way to add safe, foot-traffic lanes and walkways to a warehouse.  By directing the majority of the cross-facility traffic to a controlled catwalk space, employees can easily and safely move from one end of the facility to another without creating a hazard to the other moving parts on the facility floor.  

As you may know, one of the biggest accident threats is worker falls.  Panel Built's catwalk systems address this with an OSHA rated barrier railing system incorporated into the catwalk's design.   However, for facilities and companies looking for increased protection, Panel Built offers several custom railing designs.  These designs include expanded metal siding, metal pickets, metal wiring, or even glass or plexiglass barriers incorporated into the railing design.  Each of these custom railing options aims to create a safer, easily traversable catwalk for employees.  

Storage Platform
April's Project of the Month Winner Required Special Beam Placement and Decking Cut-Outs to Accommodate for Existing Fixtures On-Site

Overall, Panel Built's mezzanine systems aim to offer more flexibility within your existing space. We have had the opportunity to install our mezzanine platforms into a number of Fortune 500 facilities, including the biggest names in the aerospace, automotive, distribution, electronics, and more. Like with our modular office buildings, Panel Built aims to design a mezzanine system that perfectly fits your facility's space needs, whether big or small. One of the main benefits of working with Panel Built's team is that we take pride in going above and beyond to address your unique space needs.

One great example of this is our latest Project of the Month winner from April 2020. The winning dealer on the project, Mike Strapp, stated the following after completing his Panel Built mezzanine project, “The job was fairly straight forward…As always, Panel Built made as many revisions to the system as needed to get the customer the solution he wanted.”

And that is our main goal on each and every one of our mezzanine projects, "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service."

If your company is looking to increase the usable space in your facility, let us know! We have a variety of options to help you maximize its potential. If you have any questions about our mezzanine products or would like to get a quote for your next project, give us a call at 8006363873, send us an email to, or let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.