Why Go Modular With Your Ballistic Building Project?


Why Go Modular With Your Ballistic Building Project?

New buildings in high-risk areas require a little more protection and safety than your standard construction project.  Ballistic-rated buildings help to mitigate these risks by creating a protective barrier between the objects inside and the threat.  Whenever someone considers a ‘high-risk’ area, there are likely a few primary examples of what comes to mind: government buildings, military bases, sports complexes, etc.

These are areas that are at high risk for a terror attack, needing (ballistic) bullet resistance for many parts of their facility. However, there a wide range of industries and environments that can require or be improved through the use of ballistic-rated construction and materials.   

For example, there are a number of industries that experience a potential blast hazard in their manufacturing process: petrochemical, energy, and any production process that uses combustible gases & chemicals.  Additionally, exterior buildings that may be exposed to high winds can also require ballistic-rated features like impact-resistant doors and windows due to the possibility of high-speed projectiles hitting the building. For all of these environments, these industries and government organizations will use ballistic-rated buildings for many applications including guardhouses, breakrooms, engineering offices, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. 

Panel Built, Inc. is a modular construction provider that specializes in ballistic-rated buildings of many types.  When it comes to ballistic rated construction, it is incredibly important that you are buying from the best in the industry, and in this post, we will discuss, the benefits of using Panel Built’s modular construction for your next ballistic building project.

Quality: The Most Important Factor in a Ballistic Building

Ballistic-rated buildings are fairly unique structures that not many builders have experience putting together.  One problem that is currently found around the general construction industry is the difficulty of finding experienced, quality builders in remote, rural regions.  With many ballistic building projects occurring in remote areas (especially for those in the oil & gas industry), it can be very difficult to find a local construction company capable of achieving the correct design.  

Additionally, Panel Built modular construction design provides a consistent, high-quality structure project after project.  Each Panel Built ballistic building is manufactured in one of our specialized modular construction facilities. 

Modular construction facilities operate very similarly to a traditional factory setting with the building being put together (fabricated) section by section as it moves down our assembly line.  In each step of the manufacturing process, the building is in the hands of a highly trained professional who specialize in their specific craft.  

Once done in fabrication, our pre-assembled modular buildings are given a 36 point inspection by a member of our engineering department. After passing this rigorous inspection, the ballistic building is packaged and wrapped for transportation so that it can be delivered to the project site to allow it to withstand the rigors of transportation.  All of these steps are taken to ensure each Panel Built modular building meets the same level of impeccable quality — no matter whether it’s is delivered next door or to the other side of the world.

Fast Installation & Minimal Disruption On-Site

When adding a ballistic-rated building, most facilities can not stand to have a lot of downtimes, especially if the building is going to serve as an access control point to the entrance of their facility.  Panel Built is able to help solve this problem with their modular construction technique. First off, modular construction inherently allows you to speed up the project timeline.  With modular construction, the project site can be prepped while the building is being fabricated and shipping with these two processes taking place at the same time, you are able to shave off a portion of the project time.  

However, the biggest installation benefit occurs at the project site itself.  Panel Built ballistic buildings are delivered to the project site completely pre-assembled and pre-wired for electric.  Therefore, when the building arrives at the project site atop a flatbed truck, it simply needs to be offloaded, set in its final location, unpackaged, anchored, and connected to a power source! 

With a quick and hassle-free installation on-site, these high-security facilities incur only a minimal amount of disruption at their access control points, allowing them to be back up and running as soon as possible.  Plus, with their new ballistic protection, the security officers will be more safe and secure than ever before. 

Save Money With More Predictable Project Costs

With the majority of our construction occurring in a controlled, factory environment, Panel Built projects are less likely to cause delays, and we are able to construct our buildings in a much faster project window.  These attributes of modular construction help end customers save money in two ways.  First, with a stick-built construction project, delays can be horrendous for the project’s bottom-line, causing an increase in the project’s overall budget. Because of this, stick-built construction projects can be much harder to forecast as far as the overall construction budget. This variability can put firms in a hole financially, making it much more difficult to see a return on their investment. 

Second, the shorter overall project times provide overall savings on equipment and labor costs.  With Panel Built’s streamlined production process, the labor savings that we receive can be passed on to our customers, providing an overall more affordable project for you. 

Once on the project site, our pre-assembled ballistic building only requires a few major pieces of equipment like a crane for offloading the building from the flatbed truck.  Since this phase of the modular construction process is so short, the cost of renting equipment will typically be greatly reduced.

Want To See Our Ballistic Buildings In Action? 
Panel Built, Inc. has been a modular construction provider for over 25 years, serving companies, organizations, and government entities all across the United States. In that time, Panel Built has completed modular construction projects in all 50 US states and internationally, including South Korea, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Canada, and more!  Panel Built’s line of ballistic buildings are all custom made, designed to meet your project’s specific needs.  

If you have any questions on our modular building process or if you would like to get a quote on a ballistic building project of your own, just let us know!  You can give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to info@Panelbuilt.com, or let us know in our LiveChat in the bottom-right of the page.  We are more than happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.  Panel Built, Inc. operates under one mission, “To Solve Our Customers’ Space Needs With Excellence And Great Customer Service.”