• 19 May 2014

    Modular Cleanrooms Available Online

    Class 1,000 Cleanroom: What Are They?

    class 1,000 cleanroomGenerally used in scientific research facilities, a class 1,000 cleanroom is a type of controlled environment that has a minimal amount of pollutants in it. Everything from microbes to chemical vapors, dust and aerosol particles will be kept at levels far lower than anywhere else in the facility. Specifically, a cleanroom is able to control the amount of contamination in the air based upon how many particles there are in a cubic meter.

    Think about it: in a typical city environment, there are 35,000,000 particles floating around in every cubic meter of space that are 0.5 millimeters or larger in size. Can you imagine all of those particles floating around in the space around you? As hard as it might seem, there are particles everywhere you look, regardless of whether you see them or not.

    Overview of a Cleanroom

    A modular cleanroom mezzanine can be used in just about every type of industry where these miniscule particles can cause damage to the manufacturing process. They can vary in complexity and size. However, they are commonly used in industries like pharmaceuticals, medical device, semiconductor manufacturing, biotech and life sciences. Other industries like military, aerospace, Department of Energy and optics also use these cleanrooms in their facilities.

    Prefabricated non-metallic cleanrooms are a contained space where there have been provisions made to reduce contamination from particles and control a number of different parameters from the environment such as pressure, humidity and temperature. To make these cleanrooms as effective as they are, a HEPA filter works to trap all of the particles that are at least 0.3 micron in size or larger. All of the air that comes into the cleanroom has to pass through the HEPA filter first. In certain instances, when the air needs to be exceptionally free of contaminants, an ultra-low particulate filter is put in place.

    For those who have to work in these cleanrooms, you will have to undergo a tremendous amount of training to make sure you understand how to control contamination. Personnel will enter and exit the room using an airlock, gowning room or air shower. Special clothing is needed to make sure all of the contaminants produced by the body and skin is trapped inside of the clothing and doesn’t get filtered into the air.

    Based upon the overall function of the cleanroom, personnel clothing might range from a hairnet and lab coat to that of a fully enveloped multi-layered suit with a breathing apparatus. Every business and situation is different, but there are plenty of options to make sure your environment is safe and secure for your specific needs.

    modular cleanrooms available onlineCleanroom apparel will help to prevent any substances from leaving the individual’s body and contaminating your sterile environment. The clothing prevents any fibers or particles from entering into the air to ensure the environment is safe and secure. If the contamination were to enter the air and degrade the performance of the product, it could cause a tremendous amount of infection between patients and medical personnel in a healthcare setting.

    Garments in cleanrooms often include aprons, shoes, boots, bouffant caps, beard covers, frocks, face masks, gloves, gowns, hoods, hairnets, finger cots, shoe covers and sleeves. The garments used in the cleanroom should be largely reflective of the specific product being produced in the environment. A low-level room might only require personnel to wear special shoes that don’t track in dirt or dust. Even though a smooth sole might be needed to prevent contamination, they also have to be safe for the individual in the cleanroom. Safety is the main concern.

    Most of the time, a cleanroom suit is required before entering into the cleanroom. While a class 10,000 cleanroom might need nothing more than a head cover, booties and a simple smock, class 1,000 cleanrooms are going to be far more stringent in their requirements needed before an individual can enter the space.

    Now, you can find your wall systems for modular cleanrooms available online from a vendor you can trust. Before you know it, you will have the sterile environment your business needs up and running in no time. Once your cleanroom is in place, you won’t have to worry about any contamination occurring inside of your space. Order your modular cleanroom today.

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