Becoming the Best Office Solutions for Many Businesses


Modular Inplant Office on MezzanineYears of experience in engineering flexible designs with the durability and ease of installation are how we have perfected our Modular Offices. Providing a range of services that go from single offices to multi-story in plant offices, Panel Built has become a solution to many businesses for Modular Offices.

Panel Built Modular Offices Are Customized to Meet Your Needs

The modular office provides a quiet and safe in-plant office space for meetings, visitors etc. Panel Built not only provides Modular Buildings but also helps plan the perfect modular office systems using its world-class engineering experts and customer services that work on all the modular office solutions. Panel Built Modular Office Systems offer the best temperature controlled office which is clean and comfortable. Ideally used for employees in warehouses and manufacturing environments.  This has innumerable benefits for employers as well since they get added space for meetings inside a facility or manufacturing environment which is essential for an important business meeting or when you have important guests. It gives you the privacy, comfort and a perfect atmosphere to do your business.

Benefits of modular office systems

This also helps in keeping key members on location with the manufacturing or warehouse team which helps with productivity. Communication among groups like engineers and operation staff is important for many organizations, the modular office system helps not only with that but also with reducing cost. We have saved many companies with huge costs by providing them with an in plant office that will keep all their team members in one place. No longer will the management or the employees be away from manufacturing, distributing or warehouse locations, given the luxury of having modular office rooms close to each other. It saves cost not just from renting or buying an office but also from moving back and forth from the office to the manufacturing or warehouse location. Panel Built also provides modular office systems which offer multi-story in plant offices, and being in the same location is just one of the many things that can be offered. This also helps in keeping your surrounding in sight, with multi-story in plant offices keeping your office at a height that will allow you to see all the work that is being done around your manufacturing facility or warehouse. No longer will you need to walk out of the office to see the progress of your work. Another ideal use besides at offices includes break rooms which give employees a clean and decent space away from all the work to relax during break time. Our in-plant office spaces can also be used as observation towers, cooling booths, equipment enclosures and clean rooms. Similarly, two story in-plant offices and three story in-plant offices are also available based on the requirements set forth by any organization. It can be specially designed to suit your needs which will make your work environment more productive and cost effective. When it comes to cost, Panel Built provides the best costs available with the perfect modular in-plant office systems. Besides being a cost effective solution for many organizations, Panel Built provides the best prices as well. We have many cheap panel built in plant offices available online with unmatched quality and design. We also give you the option to choose your panel; our PBI’s versatility gives you the vast choice of having a wall panel design with a finishing of your choice. The modular walls offered with Panel Built in plant office can also provide expanded polystyrene, also offering a one-hour fire rated safety barrier which is created from mineral wool and steel studs. Our panel joints give you the option to utilize a binder post extruded with conventional aluminum or you can use our exclusive 1” wide vinyl divider strip. Providing limitless surfaces, our very famous ½ ” vinyl covered drywall is perfect for cost, sound and fire with pretty much any surface you would like to laminate like plywood, steel, hardboard, aluminum, porcelain zed steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) etc. Our huge variety system allows us to provide you with a standard “off the shelf” structure of 8’ x 10’ while we are capable to design any structure within a tolerance of ¼. Our polystyrene panels which are powder-coated binder post systems can provide the best sturdy, stable connections to make sure your communications are never disturbed. Giving a specially designed raceway for electrical, phone and data. The polystyrene core provides and an economical lightweight panel which includes a high R-value.

Why choose Panel Built in plant office?

The shipping office at Panel Built offers delivery of the value line modular office in just 2 business days. A secure reliable and fast way for all your office needs off-site. Whether you decide to create an office space at a construction site or in a warehouse or manufacturing facility for your workers, we offer swift delivery on custom built offices right where you need them. We have the best engineers and sales professional at Panel Built that design the perfect office based on your needs and give you a free quote with the best price you can get. Our designed customized offices are specially made to suit your needs and as you decide to proceed with our designed solution, in just 2 business days you will have your office delivered where you need. Panel Built shipping office is equipped with powerful cooling and heating systems which will meet your requirements. We do make sure to make no compromise on your comfort by providing the best quality heating and cooling systems. Panel Built is a known name for customer satisfaction and we make sure we provide you with the product manufactured with quality and precision to meet all your needs.