Modular Office Designs: See What Modular Can Do For You!


Modular Office Designs: See What Modular Can Do For You!

Modular offices may be a vague concept for some people who are not as familiar with Panel Built and our line of work.  Panel Built’s office space solutions are all centered around our panelized wall systems.  This wall system allows us to design and install unique, semi-permanent office designs into your facility.  It allows you to quickly and conveniently provide additional office space within your facility, without making a long-term commitment to the change. 

As a modular office provider for over 25 years, Panel Built has had countless opportunities to branch out and expand our wall panel offering to fit our customers’ needs.  Panel Built’s line of modular offices has been installed into aerospace facilities, elementary schools, corporate headquarters, military bases, warehouses, oil refineries, and more!  

As you can imagine, these environments each require a vastly different office type.  To meet these requirements, Panel Built incorporates a variety of different office designs, insulations, substrates, and wall-facings into their building design.  In this post, we will go over the different design choices you make to create the perfect Modular Office Design for your facility. 

Let’s Start With Our Most Standard Modular Office Design

Panel Built’s modular office systems start with a very standard design known as our quick ship modular office.  Our quick ship office design was developed to help solve our customers’ space needs as quickly as possible.  These are generally small office envelopes that utilize very basic Panel Built components in specific sizes.  These offices are formed from our popular vinyl-covered gypsum wall panel. 

The vinyl covering gives the panel a more durable, easily cleanable finish and a polystyrene core for insulation.  This gypsum wall panel is most popular because it is highly affordable and seamlessly fits into a wide range of environments from manufacturing to commercial offices. 

The quick ship office itself though is designed to be an entire office envelope to standalone in a manufacturing or warehouse environment.  Because the office is designed for speed, the office does is not able to incorporate all of Panel Built’s variety of office designs. 

Quick Ship Office Requirements 
>> 8′ or 10′ Wall Heights
>> 8’x 8′ up to 20′ x 40′ (2′ increments)
>> Standard Vinyl Covered Gyp/Gyp Panels with Polystyrene Core
>> Standard Doors and Trim to Match Walls
>> Standard B-Deck Roof

What If Your Modular Office Design Needs A Little More Space? 

Panel Built’s quick ship offices are designed to offer quick office solutions for companies in desperate need of adding a single person or small open office designs.  However, oftentimes our customers require more complex solutions, and Panel Built can expand our options to meet these demands. 

Perhaps, most often is the need for larger and more custom office shapes and configurations.  Panel Built’s modular designs have been used for incredible expansive offices, break rooms, and cafeterias for much larger office applications. These larger offices can include a series of interior walls, making a collection of executive office spaces. However, as most companies are trying to maximize the use of their space, they aim to fit as many offices in as small of space as possible. 

mezzanine modular officeFor these companies, Panel Built provides the opportunity for them to expand their space upwards! One of the benefits of using Panel Built as your modular office provider is our ability to build vertically.  Panel Built’s modular offices can be combined with our structural steel mezzanine systems to create two-story modular offices and even three-story offices. 

These custom office solutions can double or triple the usable office space in their facility, perfect for high ceiling buildings like warehouses or manufacturing facilities. Additionally, for facilities that need more office space but don’t want to rearrange their facility, Panel Built’s raised, mezzanine offices allow you to leave your facility floor largely unchanged while providing office space with a bird’s-eye view of the plant floor, perfect for adding supervisor or engineering offices. 

Looking For A Modular Office Design To Fit A Particular Environment?

Many of Panel Built’s customers prefer creating their own aesthetic when installing new office systems into their facility or commercial offices.  For companies in search of a sleeker, more contemporary office design, Panel Built offers a variety of custom wall finishes and facings.  Panel Built’s standard wall systems are available in white, grey, and champagne; however, Panel Built can deliver your wall system in a variety of custom wall and extrusions colors.  After winning a First Place Prize in the World of Modular’s Awards of Distinction in 2019, this two-story modular office system became a popular request for Panel Built customers. 

The building was designed as a pilot’s lodgings and as a client entertainment area installed into an insurance provider’s corporate jet hangar.  As the buyer wanted the jet building to really dazzle his potential customers, he needed the building to look as sleek and high-class as possible.  To accomplish this look, Panel Built used a high gloss, black steel finish on the exterior of the building and a grey vinyl-covered gypsum interior.  With the glossy black wall finish, the remaining white components of the building (doors, handrailing, and extrusions) stand out against the rest of the building.

This, of course, is just an example of aesthetic changes.  Panel Built is oftentimes asked to install buildings to improve people’s general well-being.  For example, office workers in heavy manufacturing environments can be subject to loud and interrupting noises throughout their day.  Panel Built modular offices offer options for additional sound dampening to help create a more comfortable workplace for these workers. 

Additionally, Panel Built offers fire-rated modular office designs for areas manufacturing environments that involve flammable dust or chemicals.  Panel Built’s fire-rated systems are available in non-combustible and one-hour fire-rated assemblies to help provide these facilities more protection. 

Finally, Panel Built’s office can be designed for extreme temperatures providing wall systems with increase R-Values with a thicker, higher density wall core.  These modular offices help reduce the energy costs incurred while keeping the area warm or cool.

Ultimately, the ways your can design your modular office are limitless.  Panel Built offers both standard or custom modular office solutions, depending on your facility’s need.  For companies in a space crunch, elevated offices and multi-story offices take advantage of the vertical area in their facility to maximize their overall space. 

Panel Built’s custom office solutions can provide custom colors and finish to match your office’s existing look and aesthetic.  More importantly, they can be designed to improve the well-being of your workers with improved noise damping, fire rating, or insulation value.  
If you’re interested in getting a quote on a Modular Office Design of your own, let us know! Panel Built offers fast, no-obligation quotes to help your project get moving as soon as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, let us know at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.  We are more than happy to help with any questions about our products that you may have.  At Panel Built, we have one mission, “To Solve Our Customers’ Space Needs With Excellence And Great Customer Service,” and that is what we plan to do on each and every project!