• 8 Aug 2014

    Modular Security Booths

    Top-Quality Guard Booth Modules from Panel Built

    Panel Built Modular Building Systems specializes in building transferrable structural modules customized to our clients’ needs. Guard booths (also called guard shacks or guard houses) are a specialty of ours. No large property should be without an adequate security force. Panel Built guard booths may be designed to your specifications.Guard Shacks

    Our guard booths are small houses designed to last. Their large windows and sturdy design means that your security staff will be able to perform their duties in the best of conditions. These stations can house extra materials for your staff to ensure they can handle any problem with greater flexibility than if they needed to carry all their supplies with them. Security guard houses are essential to the management of large properties and allow your security staff to be at their best.

    As Panel Built modules, our guard booths are designed to move if needed. Their steel bases allow them to be moved with a forklift, crane or other heavy machinery to different locations within your facility. You can place your guard booths strategically in your facility to ensure maximum coverage according to your day-to-day needs. This minimizes the number of booths needed to maintain a secure property over the life of the booth.

    Our engineers will design and build your booths according to your needs. Our guard booths come in all styles and can be fitted with the proper technologies needed by security staffs. Your manufacturer of modular security booths is Panel Built.

    The Advantages of Modular Construction

    As modular constructions, our guard booths share in the many advantages modular structures offer. Modules are movable, interchangeable structures. They can be moved or removed according to need, removing the need to remodel entirely for different major projects. By thinking with modules, you can stop thinking of buildings as something static and start thinking of how a movable building can work for you.

    Modules are reusable. You can move our guard booths according to your specific needs. They can be moved to be used on projects in other parts of your property and can be moved back when needed. They can also stay in the same place for many years and will maintain the same durability.

    If you use the same company for all your modules, the modules will provide a consistent appearance throughout your property. Should you move them around or add more modules as you expand, the different modules will have the same design, allowing a pleasant consistent aesthetic as you grow, instead of distracting changes between modules.

    Many companies have a special interest in the cleanliness of their facilities, such as laboratories, food processing plants and factories producing sensitive machinery. Modular construction ensures a cleaner installation than other methods. Pre-assembled modules create minimum dust and debris, allowing your industry to continue as soon as possible, if it even needs to slow down at all. Aside from guard booths, we also construct high-grade cleanrooms for use in scientific experiments requiring the cleanest air possible. Our expertise in that area means that a tidy installation is our specialty.

    On top of all that, our modules are environmentally friendly and tax efficient. There are several awards and point systems for companies that reduce waste and promote good business practices. Our modules meet top environmental standards, so your use of Panel Built modules will help preserve the planet while helping your business at the same time. Our economic modules also return your investment an average of more than four times faster than traditional constructions, providing useful tax benefits to your company.

    We can integrate all the rooms we design with mezzanine structures if needed, allowing for multi-story offices within your building with the flexibility that modules provide.

    The Excellence of Panel Built’s Work and Service

    Panel Built guard boothPanel Built has been a leader in the module building industry for 14 years. Our factory-trained distributor network ensures a fast, quality installation for your facility’s guard booths. This network also offers local support and assistance for each of our products for the end user. We want to ensure that every Panel Built client receives the same quality that they expect from the Panel Built name.

    Our architects and engineers will work with you to create a system fitted to your needs. Their skills and experience will produce the finest product possible in according to your specifications. We can work with both your existing space and your business schedule. Our installation services are minimally disruptive and in many cases, the work at your facility may proceed without a hitch while your module is being assembled and installed. The professionals at Panel Built will not leave you disappointed.

    Our years of experience have taught us about every facet of installation and construction. We can help you with the required permits and in knowing the ins and outs of a project such as this one. Our job is to make sure that you’re satisfied with your module and we intend to do that at every turn and at every step of the process.

    For more information about how modular mezzanines and our other modules have helped our clients’ businesses, look at our Case Studies. They provide in-depth data on how a Panel Built guard booth or other structure can work for you and those that work with you. Our products have overcome challenges faced by a wide variety of businesses and we invite you to take a look.

    Panel Built means quality built. Your search for a great security booth


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