Panel Built Mezzanines: Top Quality And Durability


PB-logoPanel Built is a company that offers many types of prefabricated structures including modular office buildings and mezzanines. These buildings can be custom designed to fit any needs that you have. Not only are these structures cost-efficient, but they are also easily installed and can fit a variety of different business needs. Schools use modular buildings, and businesses and manufacturing facilities often use them as well. Are you familiar with mezzanines? Mezzanines are platform structures of all types, and industrial facilities often use them for a variety of different reasons both inside and outside their plant. Panel Built mezzanines are top-quality structures that can be designed and put together quickly so that you don't lose a day of business. Whether you need cooking vats for chemicals set aside on a platform, or you need to have extra space for storing items, these mezzanines are the fast and inexpensive way to get things done. And, just because they are cost efficient doesn't mean they aren't durable. They are extremely durable, and made of high-grade materials. In heavy-duty industrial plants, you often see top-grade steel mezzanines with non-slip steps moving up towards the deck area. I used to work in a manufacturing plant that made defense grade materials. I was a slasher assistant because I mixed chemicals for the product and helped run the three slashing machines for the three slasher operators on my shift. Anything they needed, I was there to help. Well, before I started working there, they had put the station where I did most of my mixing and things up on a mezzanine. All of my chemicals and bags of products were stored on pallets underneath the mezzanine, and then I would take them up the stairs to do the mixing and testing on the platform. Do you see how this is very effective in saving space? It's just like expansion with modular buildings. Say a manufacturing plant needs more office space, but they do not want to actually start building an expansion right away. Well, what they can do is adjoin some modular office buildings on the property with any extra space they have, and then they can then have more office space. As well, sometimes manufacturing plants don't have any more space to build but could sneak in a modular office building with what limited space they do have. Or, in another instance, some businesses are renting these buildings and do not have permission to add on but could get permission for modular buildings to give them more office space. There are also guard house shacks that are predesigned and can be a great addition to any business or manufacturing company. And, remember, predesigned is one thing, but whatever specifications you need for your specific purpose in using modular homes or mezzanines, you are able to get this accomplished easily. You can create barriers so that your office and the high-dollar equipment you have on site is protected. And, remember that in factory situations, everything has to be according to OSHA regulations and IBC standards. Well, that is where Panel Built mezzanines comes in to ensure that their structures are exactly that. They take pride in developing structures that will be according to the highest safety standards and will be extremely durable and purpose serving. For example, say you need an industrial staircase built by Panel Built. Well, these again are like the steel and non slip very durable staircases mentioned previously. A powder coat finish ensures safety as well as the raised up traction for people moving up and down the stairs. As I mentioned earlier, I worked in a plant that had defense contracts. So, we were upheld to an even higher standard than other regular manufacturing plants would be. The government contract regulations along with OSHA guidelines were extremely strict. Safety was always number 1 as with any place, but we had a long-standing trend of non-recordable accidents, better than any other business has done that I've heard. So, I know a thing or two about safety and about the best prefabricated structures and how they should integrate with a manufacturing facility. Another great thing about these Panel Built mezzanines is they are very low maintenance. You don't have to worry about them needing repaired often or just any regular maintenance needs. Sure they need to be cleaned and such, but this heavy-duty steel construction is long-lasting and the best investment. So if you're looking to add prefabricated buildings of any type to your business or manufacturing facility, both inside and outside, then you have found what you need with Panel Built. They will talk with you and get down the specifications of what you want so that they can deliver everything and get it installed for your use immediately.