• 16 May 2014

    Prefabricated Guard Houses

    Finding the Right Guard House for your property

    Portable guard houseGuard houses are useful for protecting residential or commercial property. Whether you need a simple booth to control traffic onto your construction site or community event or you need a larger facility to house more security guards, a modular guard house is a great option.

    Using prefabricated guard houses allows you to save money and time by choosing from predesigned units and adding upgrades or special features. Our Panel Built units are designed to offer maximum protection for your guards and provide a durable unit that you can use and transfer to another site when needed. Because the majority of the units are pre-designed and built in a factory, we take less time getting your completed unit to you, ready to install.

    Panel Built offers several different styles of guard houses that you can use to keep your property safe and your security personnel safe and sheltered from the natural elements. Take a look at the type of prefabricated security guard houses Panel Built offers so you know which product is best for you:

    Guard Shacks

    If you are looking for an easy to install unit that meets the most basic of requirements for a guard house, our guard shacks are a great solution. These small units can typically ship within five days, meaning your new building will be functional very quickly. These shacks include a half glass door, a picture window, and a sliding glass window. Additionally, the unit comes furnished with a counter top and includes fluorescent lighting, electric capabilities, and a roof-mounted heating and air conditioning unit.

    Guard Booths and Guard Houses

    Guard ShackThese guard booths are slightly larger than a guard shack and can typically hold up to two security guards at a time. These booths are ideal for security checkpoints and ticketing desks. Because they are portable they are easy to move or store if you don’t need them for a period of time.

    A prefabricated guard house is larger than the booths and shacks. These are designed for commercial properties that have more security guards. The unit includes different window and door options. You can choose from all steel, half steel half glass or all glass doors. Additionally, you may choose different styles of windows including picture windows and sliding windows. The houses provide more room to move around and can be connected to electricity. You may also opt for a heating and cooling unit to keep your security comfortable.

    Your panel built portable guard house will often be more structurally sound than units built on the site. When your security booths are built and assembled off site they have to be strong enough to transport to your property. Additionally, the units are designed so that you can have them moved again if the need arises. Because your unit is portable, it must be strong enough to withstand movement on trucks. Structures built on the site do not.

    In addition to providing well-constructed guard units, Panel Built offers unique upgrades including bulletproof glass, if you feel that is necessary. Although your guard units are pre-fabricated you can add additional features to ensure that the unit fits in with the look of your property. Other features you can opt to include bulletproof glass, lighting, and gutters

    When your guard unit arrives on site it will be assembled. You simply need to set up your unit in your desired location. You will need to anchor the unit if you want the guard house to remain in its desired location.

    Our workers will transport your building to your property via truck. The unit can be moved to your predetermined location via crane. Once in place, your unit will immediately be ready for use. You do not have to worry about on-site construction or assembly. If you need to move your unit, you do not need to disassemble anything. Simply load it onto a truck and move it to your new location.

    Panel Built wants to help you save time and money by providing you with the best guard unit you can find. With a quick and easy ordering system, you can have your new guard house or guard shack ordered in minutes. For more information on our portable units, contact a Panel Built customer service agent.


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