• 19 Sep 2014

    Advantages of Building Prefabricated Modular Office Rooms

    Prefabricated modular office

    Why experience all the noise and chaos of construction when your custom Panel Built modular office is just before you, waiting to be created at only a fraction of the expense and within a fraction of the time? Modular inplant offices by Panel Built offer facility owners unrestricted flexibility to react swiftly and economically to the ever-changing needs of your business.

    Building modular offices

    Prefabricated modular office buildings have come a long way in recent years. It’s likely that you have seen these buildings without realizing they were modular. Panel Built is one of the companies that sell multi-story inplant offices. These modular in plant offices can be crafted as 2-story or even 3-story structures, depending on your business’s needs.

    The array of advantages of modular buildings start at the very beginning with their construction process. These in plant offices are crafted away from your office space so they can be built in a controlled plant, while still using the same materials and sticking to the same codes and high standards as offices that are built conventionally. Building elements (or “modules”) are fashioned off-site then assembled on-site. Once assembled, a modular office is nearly indistinguishable from its built-on-site counterparts.

    Our modular offices are crafted with your needs in mind, whether you select one of our pre-assembled offices or elect to build a custom project. We appreciate your need to develop an inviting, safe, quiet, space, and our office designs reflect this understanding. Each of our structures is made with precision and dependably high quality.

    Modular buildings can be permanently installed, and they are hard-wearing: with good, regular maintenance, modular buildings last as long as their conventional counterparts.

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    Benefits of modular building systems

    Cost: modular offices are an inexpensive option compared with traditionally constructed offices

    Few people realize how much money they can save by electing to build a modular building by Panel Built. Because the procedure of building modular structures is innately less expensive than traditional construction, we are able to produce contemporary buildings for you at a significantly lower cost. When considering where to buy prefab modular office buildings, recognize that the best modular office buildings for sale will also vary in cost based on the size of the building company you select. Here at Panel Built, Inc. we function on a large enough scale that we receive discounts on the materials we need to build your structure, and we are glad to be able to pass along that savings to you.

    Speed: a simple office can be constructed, shipped, and installed in as little as two days

    Construction projects that might otherwise take months can in some cases be cut down to days. Most modular structures are built in roughly half the time required for traditional construction, and in our case we have select Panel Built in plant offices that can be constructed, shipped, and installed within two days of your order.

    Convenience: installation is simple and neat

    The chaos of a construction site filled with noisy workers, equipment, and suppliers is not only irritating and disruptive to your work, but is also unnecessary for many companies’ needs. A business that opts for a modular office building for sale will discover that the installation process is direct and tidy. Units arrive to your work site, ready to be connected and put to work immediately.

    Flexibility: future alterations are relatively easy

    Modular inplant offices offer a degree of flexibility not possible with traditional construction. Business owners can effectively expand their office space within the footprint of their existing property. If an inplant office needs to be relocated, renovated, expanded or minimized, modular construction allows for reconfiguring the elements rather than entirely reconstructing the space.

    Constructing modular inplant offices by Panel Built

    The average person does not get the opportunity to construct a building or office space, but we’ve been building them day in and day out since 1995. Our experience and expertise will help you through every step of this important process. We are eager to offer you all the benefits that come with our deep base of knowledge regarding modular buildings.

    At Panel Built we set a high standard for ourselves not only in being a world class manufacturer but also in attaining complete customer satisfaction with each and every structure we create. We are eager to work with you and show you how our creative process invites flexibility in design so you end up with exactly what you need.

    You will also find that our buildings (and our other products) are strong and durable with lasting finish.

    ”Go Green” with in plant modular offices

    The process of constructing modular offices and buildings is exceptionally efficient – so much so that it not only saves you money, time, and trouble, but it also helps save the environment. The optimized construction process cuts material waste and reduces labor, not only decreasing costs for everyone involved, but also lessening the building process’s overall carbon footprint.

    Modular buildings are also environmentally friendly in that components can be easily disassembled and then either relocated and reassembled or refurbished for a new use. These new options, available because of modular construction, minimizes the demand for new materials. (To relocate a modular building demands only about 3% of the energy that would be required to manufacture the same, new modular building.)

    As you consider your construction options, make sure you consider the many benefits of modular building. And as you consider where to find inplant offices, remember that cheap Panel Built in plant offices are available online, ready to save you time and money on spaces build particularly for your business’s needs.



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