Companies that Sell Prefabricated Non-Metallic Cleanrooms


Trying to find the perfect cleanroom for your business can be a little overwhelming. There are several different types and styles of modular cleanrooms. It is important to get the ones that have the best available features, but also find one that suits your needs. There is a big difference between an ISO 6 Cleanroom and an ISO 7 Cleanroom. Knowing the difference allows you to get the maximum benefits out of your cleanroom. Cleanrooms can be used in a number of different settings:
  • Factories that assemble products may need to isolate chemicals before they are used in the final project. Factories that manufacture electronics can be a key example, even though less amounts of chemicals are being included in these products.
  • Engineers may need to come in contact with unstable substances as they try to perfect their newest design.
  • Pharmaceutical Production companies need to be able to keep drugs and materials in a sterile environment before packaging them.
  • Food preparation companies may need to isolate materials that are meant for consumption. They also need to keep dirt and dust away from the production area.
  • Some military operations may also require a clean, controlled environment in order to follow strict regulations.
  • Testing facilities may need access to a controlled environment in order to house and test unstable chemicals or components of a project.

Which Cleanroom Does My Company Need?best available cleanrooms

As previously mentioned, there are many types of cleanrooms. These are typically measured by ISO, or International Standards Organization, ranks. The lower the number, the cleaner the environment. The ranks range from 1 to 9, but ISO 6 and 7 cleanrooms are the most common in production. An ISO class 6 cleanroom is rated at 35,200 parts per cubic meter, and protects everything within the cleanroom from particals that are not seen by a human eye. One way to control the level of potential contaminants in a cleanroom is to add special filtration systems to the room. These filters work to remove all of the dust and dirt that would normally be visible. Special HEPA filters take it a step further, keeping hidden partials away from the production area. Some great examples can include oils, scented mists or smoke.

The Importance of Wall Systems for Modular Cleanrooms

Modular structures help companies grow in a number of ways. This affordable option is designed to give the company control over their space. When the area is no longer needed or the company wants to expand, they can do so with very little additional investments. Both Class 1,000 cleanroom and class 10,000 cleanrooms are available in a modular form that businesses can easily take advantage of. Prefabricated non-metallic cleanrooms offer people a number of benefits, especially when put into wall systems. Wall systems for modular cleanrooms allow these spaces to take more advantage of the vertical space available in a building. Add your new cleanroom to an existing mezzanine. Cleanroom designs may not sound like they are flexible, but the interior looks can easily be modified. Most cleanrooms will be made of clear material that allows people to look in and observe production. This means that the room needs to look stunning at all times, but also that the workers have everything they need. Panel Built has experience creating a variety of modular structures. This gives companies a few additional options in terms of style. The cleanroom can be well-hidden, disguised as an office or even a small house. Don’t feel like you have to stick with a traditional design. Every business is different and custom designs are available.

What to Look for in the Best Available Modular Cleanroom Mezzanine

There are several companies that sell prefabricated non-metallic cleanrooms. This can seem a little overwhelming, as each one offers something a little bit different. If you are wondering where to buy ISO 7 cleanroom online, you may want to consider working with a company that has plenty of experience. Panel Built has worked with companies for several years, helping them to find the best modular cleanrooms that they can incorporate into their existing mezzanine system.

Buy Cheap Modular Cleanrooms for Sale

ISO 7 CleanroomWhen looking for cheap modular cleanrooms for sale, it is important to remember that prices fluctuate with quality. The lowest price cleanroom may sound like a great deal, but it may need to be serviced more often. Companies like Panel Built work hard to make sure that every cleanroom is made with the latest materials, cutting edge technology and experienced staff. This helps to eliminate many potential problems in the future. Finding a cheap available ISO 6 cleanroom for sale does not have to be a difficult task. Panel Built has some of the best available cleanrooms in the area. They are also shipped throughout the United States, making it easy for business owners to get the cleanroom they want without having to worry about messy construction sites. Wall systems for modular cleanrooms can easily change the way you think about business. By guaranteeing a sterile environment, production can resume without fear of infestation, dirtiness or contamination. If you are interested in finding something more than a typical modular cleanroom mezzanine, contact Panel Built today. A friendly customer service representative will be happy to help you find the best available modular cleanroom mezzanine on the market.