Prefabricated Security Guard Houses


Whether you are working on a small construction site, adding additional security to an estate or trying to add more security to your parking area, providing protection and comfort for those working to keep your property safe will go a long way to making their job easier. If you are thinking about purchasing a portable guard unit, there are a few things to understand about what we provide:

Why Modular?

A modular guard house allows you the flexibility to choose the perfect size and style for your needs. These units are perfect for adding extra security to your property. The presence of security makes it much more difficult for thieves and trespassers to gain access to valuable material.  A security booth provides added protection for your employees from the snow, rain, wind and cold. Ordering a prefabricated guard house makes the process easier for you. The modular design allows us to add additional features quickly. This means that your units are completely customizable, allowing us to provide you with the best product possible. With several sizes and designs available, we can customize your order and send out you unit for delivery within five days.

About Your Guardhouse

prefabricated guard houseYour prefabricated guard houses feature the following:
  • High quality steel panels with a powder coated steel base
  • Powder coated diamond plate floor
  • Half-glass metal door, including hardware
  • Flat roof¬† with a built in gutter
Portable guardhouses typically come in about five different sizes. When you choose the size of your portable guard house, you should take into consideration the location of your property, the amount of space available for the security booth and what your will be using your unit for. The smallest size is ideal for single guards or employers. The larger units offer more room for additional features as well as room for additional people.

Additional Features

Because your security officer or other employers may spend several hours at a time in these security booths, it is important to consider the extra features. The design of these units makes it very easy to add additional or larger windows, lighting and even a heating and cooling system. Features you can add to these flexible buildings include:
  • Heating and Air
  • Picture Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Lighting
  • Counters
  • Electric Load Centers

Setup of Your Guard Booth

modular guard houseWhen the time comes to set up your guard booths, these preassembled buildings transfer using a crane and easily moved to another location. The layout of your booth is extremely important. Knowing what you want your guardhouse to look like and where you will place it, makes the design process easier. It is important to consider how you want your unit to sit on the property. Before your order your guard unit, look at your property and determine where your guardhouse will sit. Taking measurements will ensure that your guardhouse or shack fits the location. The modular design also allows for adjustments to window location, having this information handy when you place your order will make the process run much smoother. Rest assured that once your order is placed we will work to get your new building to you as quickly as possible. If you need to move your booth to another location, these buildings are easy to lift again, load onto a truck and transfer to your new spot. This cost effective option allows you to keep your employees and security guards safe and warm no matter where you go.

Guard House vs. Guard Shack

Prefabricated security guard houses are ideal for properties with more than one security guard. The houses tend to be a little bit larger than the guard shacks. The houses allow more room for extra features and additional room for extra guards. These guardhouses are as portable as the smaller shack units are. For larger construction sites or permanent guard buildings, the guardhouses allow for extra security when needed. Guard shacks work better for small areas. If you have a small property or one entrance, these smaller buildings will not take up much room. These are ideal for properties that only need one security guard at a time in the booths. The do not have as many additional features available as the guardhouses. Despite their smaller size, they provide ample space for a single guard and allow room for some additional features.

Staying Safe

As an employer, you want to keep your employees and security guards safe while they are doing their job. All guard shacks and houses feature high-quality metal doors and sturdy construction. All guard shacks and houses feature locked doors. If you have need for additional protection, you may be interested in bulletproof guard shacks. While these are not necessary for most businesses, they are available for companies who want the extra protection. For more information about customization, sizes and prices contact our sales associates by clicking here.