Providing Shelter for Security Personnel with Ease


As a business owner, you want to make sure your assets and employees are protected at all costs.  When you have a mezzanine in place, your security guards will have a place that protects them and their equipment from the harsh elements that come along.  If you have never considered one of these fantastic structures, take the time to look at all of the benefits that they bring to the table today.  Once you are able to experience how much of a difference these units can make, you will want to implement a mezzanine in various aspects of your business.


Pre-engineered products help to streamline the design and cut down on construction time.  Since products come from a single source versus having to go through a variety of different ones, it helps to eliminate any concerns with being able to coordinate with all of the contractors from a number of different trades.


We provide you with design assistance to make sure your new building is going to accommodate the unique design requirements of an individual project.  Thanks to our durable and time-tested construction features, all of our buildings are going to provide you with years of trouble-free service.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a mezzanine for institutional, healthcare, manufacturing, warehouse, government, military or commercial industries, we have something that is going to work for your specific wants and needs.


Completion of a prefabricated mezzanine versus a standard new construction is a lot shorter for a number of different reasons.  Products that are pre-engineered help to cut down on the time needed for construction.  One contractor handles all of the construction, so there is no need to worry about coordinating with others and making sure your schedules coincide.

Attractive and Strong

When it comes to the buildings we have to offer you, choose from andonized aluminum construction or painted steel.  All of the buildings have an all welded steel construction, which is designed to last for years on end without having to worry about any extensive repairs.  With years in the business, we are able to create a product that offers a superior finish and looks absolutely stunning.

Using a Mezzanine for Your Guard House

We are able to manufacture a variety of different guard houses to accommodate the needs of just about any security application.  Thanks to our pre-engineered design, they provide you with an excellent alternative to a traditionally built guard house.  Since we ship your building right to your construction site fully assembled, it helps to eliminate any down time that you would normally experience with a traditional construction method. Since we are a custom manufacturer, we are capable of creating a guard house that will meet your needs in term of functionality and form.  Our time-tested methods help to create a building that will withstand even the toughest of uses.  To prove we are confident in the products we have to offer, you will get some of the best warranties in the industry.

Stepping into a Guard Shelter

We manufacture a pre-fabricated guard shelter to create a comfortable, safe and inviting work environment for security personnel and all of their intricate monitoring equipment.  We work to create a design that provides you with an endless variety of features that are crucial to job performance. Our designs are an excellent alternative to a traditionally built building for a variety of reasons, but most importantly for the speed of assembly.  Since we construct the buildings right here in our warehouse, you don’t have to worry about sitting back and waiting for the buildings to be assembled on your site. Our customers are able to choose from a wide variety of different options in their new guard shelter.  Regardless of what you are looking to spend, we have something that is going to accommodate your budget requirements.  With two different types of materials from which you can choose, your shelter will do everything you need and more. Since we use some of the best materials in the industry, our structures will provide you with years of service.  The buildings can withstand the heavy usage in a traditional 24/7 operation.  We take all of our years of experience and apply them to create a shelter that is going to accommodate your needs in functionality and form.  Check out our warranties on these amazing guard shelters. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out where your security personnel can stay out of the elements, you can have it all with one of the new buildings that we have to offer you.  Thanks to our quick shipping, you don’t have to worry about waiting for an extensive time period to get the structure you need for your business.  Visit us for more information on your new mezzanine guard shelter or house today.