Reliable Modular Shipping Office


Why a Modular Shipping Office is the Right Choice for You

reliable modular shipping officeIf you are in the market for an easy way to add covered space to construction or manufacturing sites there are several ways you can achieve this new space.
  1. Traditional Construction
  2. A Modular Unit
Both options provide excellent benefits. To help you determine which type of structure would be most beneficial for your situation, we’ve compared traditional structures and modular units specifically for businesses that need more flexibility in use and location. Typically these companies work at construction sites or fairgrounds and benefit from having a more flexible alternative for structures. No matter what business you are in, opting for a pre-manufactured product is a great option. The low cost, flexibility and time-saving procedures outweigh most of the benefits of traditional structures. Here are a few reasons a modular design maybe beneficial for your company. Flexibility While both units have their benefits, in many cases a modular unit will better serve your needs. A reliable modular shipping office is a great alternative to traditional buildings because they are much faster, cheaper and can even be moved if required. This can be particularly convenient if you plan to move sites any time in the future. A modular design can easily be deconstructed or even transported whole to a new location. For companies and organizations that need to use the building temporarily this can also be beneficial. You can move the building to your desired location and store it or move it elsewhere when you don’t need to use it. With traditional construction this is not possible. For companies that need flexibility, the only good option is one that allows you to move your unit. Save Time and Money When you need to secure items at an off-site shipping office, opting for a modular structure is often the best choice. Because they are cheaper to construct, you’ll save money and time. Our portable units can often ship in as little as two days. Depending on the specific structure you choose, you can have the units shipped to you already constructed which means you’ll simply need to install them where you want them and they’ll be ready to use. We are able to do this because we can create the pieces for your unit quickly. Our trained technicians are skilled at creating your customized design so that your prefabricated unit doesn’t feel prefabricated. For many business owners the shipping office price can play a huge role in whether or not the additional space is feasible. When you opt for a modular structure you ensure a lower cost so that you can get the extra space you need for less. Traditional structures require more time to build, they also cost more. If money and/or time are a factor for your needs, Panel Built can help you get the structure you want, when you want it. Let us help you save time and money by creating the perfect modular system for your business. Protection and Durability If you are in the market for a shipping office building, you obviously need a space that will provide protection from the elements for your staff and/or materials. You can get the same protection from a modular unit as with a traditional structure. Our units are completely customizable, which means that you can add HVAC options, different styles of windows, doors and locks to ensure that both your employees and your material stays safe from bad weather and bad guys. If you care concerned about durability, you’ll be happy to know that modular designs are extremely durably. Specifically our portable units that are built offsite are designed to withstand transportation to different locations. These means that the buildings often have to be built to withstand much more than traditional buildings. The safety and protection of your staff and supplies is top priority with us, which means you will get a quality structure designed to last. Custom Options shipping office buildingJust because you opt for a pre-manufactured unit doesn’t mean the space has to feel cookie cutter. We offer several different colors, layouts and interior options to help make your mobile office feel cozier. While we know this may be merely cosmetic for some, the ability to make an employee feel comfortable in their work environment can actually increase productivity and work environment satisfaction. Your units can be hooked up to electric and heating and cooling options so that your staff can do everything they need to do as they would in a traditional structure. From simple designs to slightly more complex units, we have what you need. Let us help you create the perfect working environment for your needs. When you are looking for a shipping office for sale remember to consider Panel Built for your purchase. We’ve been in the industry for nearly 20 years. Our experience guarantees that you’ll get a great product up to industry safety and quality standards. At Panel Built we know that time is money which is why we offer nearly immediate shipping for some of our units. Our quick ship options are customizable to some degree but are fairly standard units. This option is ideal for companies that simply need a covered space for employees and materials. The no frills option is quick and convenient. To learn more about the type of structures we have available contact our customer service agents at Panel Built. We want to help you get the right structure for your business so you can get back to work.