Replacing an Old Guard Booth Quickly & Easily


There are many reasons a facility may need to replace their current guard booth...

The Old Guard Shack is Losing its Aesthetics...

This is a big reason a lot of facilities decide to get a new guard booth. For other guard booths, the buildings can begin to look out-of-date after only a few years and begin to show signs of wear and damage. And surprisingly, this can be a problem that a lot of facilities manage to overlook.

It has Seen Better Days...

Even though their current guard shack is becoming discolored, showing dings and dents in its exterior, and looking older than the organization itself, a lot of people let it slide because its the guard booth they've always had and that's just how it is...

But these organizations are not looking at how an dilapidated building can impact a guest's perception of the facility. For most facilities, their guard shack is going to be the first interaction a guest has with your company/organization. It is your organization's first impression to every visitor, and an eyesore isn't the first (and last) thing you want them to see...

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The Old Guard Shack Just Doesn't Work As It Used To...

Let's say your old security building still looks okay, but it is becoming more and more difficult for the guard to operate within the building due to growing and/or changing security demands.

For example, the facility itself has grown from seeing 1000 people per day to 10,000 people per day. Well, the previous guard booth was only designed to hold one officer, and the lines are getting longer at the access control point because the guard can only let one person in/out at a time. This can create a terrible bottleneck at the access control points which is bad (and potentially unsafe) for all parties.

In this scenario, a new guard booth design could easily relieve the congestion problems at your facility. Enlarging the guard booth, adding sliding windows & doors to both sides of the building, and increasing the overall desk space would provide enough workspace for an additional officer(s), allowing visitors to be verified more efficiently. But, more importantly, it allows for your access control point to better assess potential threats and concerns with less stressed officers and more points of surveillance.

Replacing a Guard Shack
Guard Booth Replaced to Fit a Facility's New Security Needs

The Old Guard Booth Just Doesn't Offer Enough Protection...

This is another growing problem around facilities, especially those in the public sector. With violent attacks hitting becoming a growing concern all over the US, many facilities have elected to bolster their security measures and in some cases, this means replacing their old guard booth with a new ballistic rated model. Companies and organizations ranging from the entertainment industry to religious groups are looking for bullet-resistant security options to help protect their people.

In this case, companies and organizations that elect to upgrade their to a ballistic rated (or bullet resistant) guard booth can choose the level of bullet resistance that would best suite their facility's needs.  In order to get a good idea on what that could mean for your facility, check out our post on "Choosing UL 752 Ballistic Levels."

So What's The Easiest Way to Replace Your Old Guard Booth?

Having a Panel Built Prefabricated Guard Booth Delivered Directly to You! 

Parking Booth
Panel Built Guard Booth

Quicker Turn-Around Times

Going with a Panel Built prefabricated solution to replace your guard booth will offer you the quickest turn-around time for your project.  Utilizing modular construction techniques, Panel Built is able to deliver a new guard booth building in a fraction of the time of a stick-built alternative.  In fact, Panel Built provides 'Quick Ship" guard booths that offer some of the fastest lead times in the modular construction industry.   Looking for something even faster? Check out our In-Stock page to see what we have ready for you.  Our In-Stock inventory is always changing, so feel free to check back periodically to see if we have something right for you! 


Easy Installation on Site

One of the biggest benefits of using a Panel Built prefabricated guard booth to replace your old security buildings is the absolute ease of installation that our product provides. The entire process is simple. Panel Built's security booths are delivered completely assembled to your facility on a flatbed truck. Typically, the guard booth will be off-loaded using a forklift, but, depending on the size, a crane might be needed. From there, the guard booth will be set into place and anchored into a concrete slab with expansion bolts. Finally, the booth's electrical needs to be hooked up, and IT IS READY TO GO! No problem at all. Which leads to our next point...

Prefab Guard Booths Equal Minimal Site Disturbance

As we have mentioned previously, no one wants to have an old, eyesore of a guard booth greeting their facility visitors any longer than they have to. Well, with Panel Built's quick delivery and quick installation, we can deliver to you a new building that's completely finished and can be installed as soon as possible. 

Panel Built will work with you to schedule the delivery of your new booth to perfectly correspond with the removal of your old booth, ensuring your new facility faces minimal site disturbance. With our quick install, once your old booth has been removed, your new booth can be waiting, ready to be instantly installed. In many cases, the entire on-site portion of your project can be completed all within one weekend, if not sooner. In this case, the new guard booth provides an instant upgrade to the look and feel of your facility without any of your employees or visitors having to wade through months of on-site construction.

Replacement Guard Shack
Replacement Guard House in Key West, Florida: CASE STUDY

If you are interested in replacing an old guard booth with one of Panel Built's prefabricated guard booths, reach out to us today! You can give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us over an email to, or simply say Hello in our LiveChat feature in the bottom right of your page. We're always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have about our buildings!