Retrofitting Your Office Space With Modular


With employees returning to their commercial offices after working from home, many companies are looking to retrofit their pre-pandemic, open-office layouts.  "Open plan" offices have been a trend in business since the 1950s to promote collaboration and help create new ideas.  However, recently many experts claim the unrestricted work environment has lowered productivity, presenting too many distractions for employees.  Not to mention, with most governments encouraging (or enforcing) further social distancing, one big open area for all your employees is an unnecessary risk for companies. 

For businesses looking to retrofit their space, it can feel like a long, and daunting task.  The office needs to be adapted, but most companies cannot completely shut down their office for an extended period while stick-built renovations services are completed.  Additionally, if your office space needs change again in the future, another complete renovation may be required to make modifications.  To fix this problem, Panel Built, Inc. offers a semi-permanent office solution that solves both of these problems presented with stick-built retrofits.  

Why Choose Modular When Retrofitting Your Office?

Panel Built modular wall systems can be formed from various wall facings and color options to best fit into your existing space.  Our standard modular wall system is constructed from a 3" thick vinyl-covered gypsum wall panel with a polystyrene core.  The vinyl-covered gypsum naturally fits into most office environments; however, other more sleek options are available with smooth vinyl, steel, and FRP finishes. 

Like a traditional office space, retrofitted modular offices offer electrical outlets, data hookups, interior lighting, and light switches, delivering the complete power package.  The walls can be delivered pre-wired with our signature modular wiring, or a local electrician complete it after installation.  For HVAC, Panel Built typically utilizes a through-wall HVAC system to heat/cool individual rooms; other HVAC and ventilation options are available where needed. 

Furthermore, Panel Built modular walls allow you to customize what materials go into your office's retrofit.  For example, Panel Built can increase the sound-dampening qualities of your new office space by adding a soundboard to your walls.  Adding two soundboards to our wall panel increases the STC rating to 42, enough to reduce the outside noise by up to ~dBs!  These walls are great for creating executive offices, conference rooms, or breakrooms that will the noise going into and out of the rooms. Other materials can be added/exchanged to increase the walls' fire rating and insulative properties. 

What Spaces Can Be Created With A Modular Retrofit?

Because Panel Built can manufacture wall systems with various materials, we can apply our walls to practically any application within your building.  Our traditional panels work great in any commercial office setting offering privacy and sound dampening required for personal offices.  However, there are specialized rooms that may require unique characteristics from your walls. For instance, many customers opt for FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) walls for restrooms or any place that requires chemical cleaning because the material is nonporous and easily cleanable.  Additionally, Fire-rated and non-combustible wall systems are available for hazardous environments and to meet state and local building requirements. 

Finally, Panel Built offers a range of door and window options for your wall system.  All wall panels can include our standard picture window (36"x48" -single pane). Other options include our full glass window, which extends the glass to take up most of the wall, and sliding glass windows that are great when creating reception and accounting offices.  Similarly, Panel Built doors come in a few different varieties to fit different applications.  Single and double-man swing doors and sliding door options are available, all of which come in half glass or solid steel options.  Custom door and window options are open as Panel Built always aims to meet your needs 100%. 
Overall, modular wall systems offer a quick, convenient way to retrofit your existing space, whether installed in a commercial or industrial environment. Fully custom layouts and design configuration options allow you to create the perfect new space for your building.  Individual offices, break rooms, restrooms, conference rooms... nearly any room inside your facility can be made via our modular system.  

If you have any questions about our modular walls or are interested in getting a modular office retrofit of your own, just let us know!  We offer free, no-obligation quotes for your project.  You can reach out via our phone at 800-636-3873, email at, or our LiveChat in the bottom-right of the page.  Panel Built's mission is "To Solver Our Customers' Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service."