Types Of Pre Assembled Buildings


The Benefits of Pre-Assembled Buildings

types of pre-assembled buildingsPre-Assembled buildings are a great way to expand your territory or get the most out of the land you already own. Your business’ buildings are very valuable assets and location is important. For many businesses, cutting initial construction costs is hard. Because you still need the correct buildings in order to function, modular buildings can be a great way to get the space you need at a fraction of the price. There are several types of pre-assembled buildings that can help a business. Because each structure is custom built, it has the flexibility needed to adapt to your business. What starts as a prefab guard shack can easily become a portable office. Their innovative design allows them to be moved, downsized or added to at any time.

Get a Great Guard Shack Enclosure

Security should always be a top priority for your business. Everything your business owns is an asset, and when unattended it is subject to damage or theft. Some construction areas also have restricted areas that prevent the public from seeing exclusive designs or getting injured. In order to protect your assets and ideas, you should have a guard shack and a security team to help you. Giving your security team a guard shack enclosure allows them to protect your area and have quick access to all their tools. It can also serve as a ticket booth or gate house, forcing people to check in before entering your property. Flexible designs allow you to build a comfortable space for the security team to work while adding great features like teller windows or gates. The modular guard shack is very flexible in terms of design, and therefore, very practical. A prefabricated guard shack is also assembled off site. This makes it possible to continue business as usual until it arrives without having to worry about a lengthy construction process. Even the most complex designs can be created by Panel Built in as little as two days and shipped to your work location. This helps you get your portable guard shack right away and allows you to start protecting your assets as soon as possible.

Modular In-Plant Offices Save Time and Money

While most portable guard booths are placed outside, many modular designs can also be added to the inside of an existing building. If you already have a mezzanine in place, you can add an in-plant office, helping you take advantage of the vertical space within your building. An in-plant office can also be placed on the ground floor, helping you create a new room without all of the hassles. All in-plant offices are designed to look different and serve different purposes. Every business has their own needs and as they adapt, so customization is even more important when it comes to office space. Your in plant offices will likely be used frequently by staff members that need access to office equipment, which may require more power and outlets than a guard shack would. Your offices may need separate HVAC units depending on the size and layout of the space. Because of the modular design, you can have all of the utilities and features of a small house if you choose. A custom building can be made to accommodate almost any building. Modular buildings do not need to be small. In fact, many buildings feature multiple floors and large, open spaces. No matter what the size of the modular building is, it can still be moved easily if your business needs change. Talk to an experienced customer service representative at Panel Built to learn more about custom designs and how they can help your business grow.

Panel Built Pre-Assembled Buildings Help Businesses Grow

portable guard shackWhether you need an in plant office or a new modular guard shack, it is important to choose only the best materials available. Panel Built works hard to create outdoor buildings that are resistant to some weather conditions. Their quality techniques help the building to resist rust and water damage, allowing it to last much longer. Because of their careful techniques and building strategies, they can create a quality building that is comfortable and safe for your employees. These durable structures can give you peace of mind like no other brand can. Portability is what sets the modular buildings apart. Custom designs allow you to take full advantage of the land that you have; however, portability allows you to save on construction costs if your building ever needs to move. Some industries that require moving to different project sites can really benefit from having a portable guard shack. Every Panel Build modular building is treated like a personal investment. The company only uses high-quality materials and durable designs that help you to protect your assets. You won’t need to worry about a messy construction crew, late shipments or a lack of knowledge. The company uses its years of experience to create modular structures quickly using a systematic process that you can count on. All you need to do is order and wait for your completed guard shack to arrive, ready for use. Because full customization is available on all of the pre-assembled buildings, any business can benefit from the addition. Your modular building can serve any function and blend in to other architecture. If you are in need of a new building, contact Panel Built today. They can offer you great information on modular structures and tell you how they can benefit your business.