Using Mezzanine Structures for Your Business


Is your industrial space feeling a little too cramped? Do you need more room for employees, but cannot afford the time and money an expensive renovation will cost? An alternative to remodeling is to take advantage of modular mezzanines. This building structures offer a flexible, affordable way to create more space using what you already have. Mezzanines are a flexible way to get more space for less money. Here are a few ways you can use cheap Panel Built mezzanines.

Use mezzanines for extra storage

Mezzanines are a great way to create extra storage space for your industrial buildings. Our freestanding mezzanines are easy to assemble and fit where you need them. You can use these types of structures to store extra product, supplies or anything else you need around your space. Because the units build up, you can take advantage of otherwise dead space to store items. It can be frustrating to waste precious floor space on items you cannot or will not use in the immediate future. You can take by your floor space and still keep everything organized with Panel Built mezzanines. We design each of our mezzanine structures to hold a lot of weight. You can rest easy knowing that you have created a convenient, efficient storage space that leaves more room for you to work in the rest of your building. Our mezzanines are safe, easy to install and effective. The heavy-duty systems feature coiled steel so you get a strong, durable product. Additionally, you can disassemble these nits if necessary for removal or restructuring. Get the extra space you need without spending a lot of money. You may need to apply for permits to add the additional workspace to your building. Because you aren’t actually taking up any more room, this process can often be faster and easier than receiving a permit for traditional construction.


Office mezzanines add privacy

Using office mezzanines is a simple way to get more usable space in your industrial space. As your business expands, your usable space may not. Growing a company is expensive. Slow growth is more sustainable, but does not usually allow for a sudden increase in additional square footage quickly. Prefabricated steel mezzanines are an excellent alternative because they you can install them quickly and they take up space you already have. The majority of space used by mezzanine offices takes up space you are not already using, or dead space. If you look around your industrial area, you will likely notice a lot of empty area between the ceiling and the floor. These mezzanine structures build up. This means you can essentially create office space out of thin air. Each of our mezzanines are sturdy enough to hold office space. You can rest easy knowing your new office space is private and safe. You can customize your new office so you the space and décor you want and need to make the office feel and look professional. Customize mezzanines by Panel Built so you get the workspace you need. You can choose your own size, height, width, stair systems and landings to get the perfect look for your industrial space. Working in an industrial setting can be dirty. Our low-maintenance structures are easy to maintain, reducing the time and money you need to invest.


Safety is essential when it comes to industrial workspace. You may need to observe equipment or keep an eye out on productivity. Our custom mezzanines give you a bird’s eye view of your entire production floor. The structures are secure and customizable you can get the view that you want and need. You can also use cheap panel built mezzanines online to create a safe way for employees, guests and clients to cross the production floor without interfering with the important work your staff is doing. We design each of our systems to fit into nearly any space. Because you install the structure high above the work floor, you will lose very little floor pace. In fact, the columns are able to support a large amount of dispersed weight so you can maximize usable space with little impact on your work area. Additionally, opting for a prefabricated structure reduces the impact of construction on your work environment. Our mezzanine systems can be installed quickly, which means your employees can focus on the important work as we prepare your unit for installation. When the time to install arrives, you can easily have most units installed within a day or two and get right back to work. Panel Built offers the best modular mezzanines available for sale. Contact our customer service agents to customize your order. When you choose to use prefabricated mezzanines from Panel Built, not only will you save money and space, you will be giving a lending hand to Mother Nature. Modular structures are a greener option because they use less and cause less damage to the environment than traditional structures. Additionally, Panel Built has recently taken steps to making our production process greener via the use of solar panels. Help make your business a little greener by using steel mezzanines for your next expansion project. Because our mezzanines are so durable, you will not need it replace them frequently. This significantly reduces the impact on your immediate environment as well as your strain on natural resources. We believe that a high quality product can help you create a functional workspace that is cheap, convenient and good for the environment.