What is an E-house?


What is an E-House?

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial and construction solutions, efficient, portable, and reliable power infrastructure is essential. Luckily, there's the e-house.

E-houses are an easy and reliable solution. E-houses, short for "electrical houses", are prefabricated substations used as electrical control buildings. These substations typically house switchgears, critical power equipment, and automation cabinets to regulate the power throughout the site. E-houses have become popular for remotely located industries and construction companies due to their ease of transportation and installation. Of course, that raises the question: how do these stations manage to be such an easy yet effective option?

The Answer: The Hard Work is Done Before it Gets to You

By pre-assembling these stations at a separate facility, they can be delivered on-site in a single piece or a set of easily assembled pieces. Once on site, these stations are simply plug-and-play, transmitting power within just a few minutes of being connected to the site grid. This method not only reduces the amount of on-site labor required but also guarantees a quality power station by having a dedicated team of experts assemble the station for you.

This method also means that the e-house will be ready when needed. For example, an active construction site can keep the space where the station will be on-site clear until the day of installation; that way, construction teams will have more space to work with while building up other aspects of the site.

In the case of a remotely located industry, the mobility and easy installation of these prefabricated buildings means that the organization can get a reliable electrical infrastructure no matter where it is and within a reasonable time frame.  

It's no wonder why these prefabricated substations are so popular with industries that work with challenging environments or changing conditions. However, companies like Panel Built Inc. can do even more to make these substations as convenient to your needs.

The Panel Built Difference

With over 25 years of experience, the staff at Panel Built Inc. know a thing or two about what makes an e-house work. Our e-houses offer a range of perks, including:


  • With our sheltered facilities, neither rain nor sleet or snow can prevent us from finishing your e-house in a reasonable timeframe. Our expertise also ensures you'll get a quality structure every time.
  • Customizability

  • We know one size doesn't fit all regarding e-houses. Our modular building design allows our e-houses to meet your layout requirements. We can also offer modifications to our designs for different environmental conditions. These adjustments include sound deadening, ballistic capabilities, additional fire protection, and more.
  • Adaptability

  • If you already have electrical control equipment, we have easy solutions to build around it. With a steel-framed e-house, we can deliver the substation without a floor and lower the structure over the existing equipment. We can also deliver the structure in panels, which a team can quickly assemble on-site.
  • Conformability

  •  Panel Built has constructed e-houses in all 50 states. We're ready to make our prefabricated substations conform to your state and local building codes, including ADA standards.
  • For more information on our e-house offerings, contact our team at 800.636.3873, email info@panelbuild.com, or talk to us using the LiveChat feature at the bottom right of your screen.

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